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Humor - it's the best cure for sadness.They say that it prolongs life, therefore, you have all chances to become immortal!Ask why?Because this column has prepared for you the most fun and funny games that you can imagine.Here you can vandalize as many as you want, and you for that no one will be punished and not judge.Even if the life you approximate an A or A student, do not allow yourself to run the halls, writing on the blackboard stupidity, throwing a note in class, lay a drawing pins on a chair teacher, director trip up and hang it on the back of the note, in this column, you it all goes!Trouble drive in despair and make sad.A frequent sadness affects the character of man, making him grumpy and unsociable.Throw out the negative on others can be, but the reputation "Buki" only secure for you and scare friends.But then, it is necessary to remove the stress.Fun games for girls great job of a lightning rod, and you can take revenge on gossip, presenting them as virtual characters.Make a cocktail of disgusting ingredients and slip the glass "girlfriend" with naimileyshey smile.Or, open a book and say the magic spell, turning it into a toad or a cockroach.It did not work the first time?Mixture leaves Ravens with a giraffe or platypus with a turtle?Do not worry, you have many more ahead of attempts.Funny Games can be simple with minimal requirements on the story or be quests with a number of tasks.To thrash the robot must wait until he comes close to you, dial the force of impact and embed it so that it flew as far as possible.Send Santa Claus through the break to throw with a catapult to get away from the monster dinosaur or scare a lot of people - that's what you have to do in these games.In front of you will be put different problems, but they are all fun and aim to entertain you.In the quest to reach the finals, it is necessary to act thoughtfully and logically.In order to save the turkey from the soup, it is necessary to make a series of manipulations, and then the challenge will be to find all the items together and apply them correctly.The only way you will be able to save the lives of well-fed bird, closed in a cage.And the stories about Masyanya, you will enjoy her natural talent to make people laugh even in the most mundane situations.This girl is so restless all the time finds adventure and gets involved in adventures.Its energy can envy even the most desperate of the head, and her ability to get out of difficult situations, just fascinating.Even sports can be fun, if you play volleyball with jelly or score the goal not the ball, and hedgehogs.Trolleys in supermarkets seems to invite them to get into and a ride through the long corridors store, but security and video surveillance quickly will call you to order, if you try to crank it.But the fun online games such obstacles do not make and resolve to organize races on them, not only at the supermarket, but also in general to steal them and cut through the streets and fields.You can, also, simultaneously shot from everyone along the way.Drunk driver - it's not funny, but when he dwells within fun games, then why not sit behind the wheel drunk driver and not control it, trying to avoid collisions.Fun games online for free and with impunity give the possibility to the fact that in reality against the rules and the law.Engage in pranks with Sipsonami, Yeti, Tom and Jerry and the other characters can be, if playing in fun games.

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