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Probably every modern man heard about 3D.This word is following us everywhere, especially in the advertising of new feature films.The abbreviation for the three-dimensional space.Most new products are now out of Hollywood in this format, which has become fashionable recently, though, and is not new.Of course, the format was so popular, especially because the cost of a ticket for a movie in 3D is about three times more expensive than the usual 2D format, and the filmmakers realized that making films in the volume format also financially beneficial.Be that as it may, due to the world of cinema 3D has gained immense popularity, and now began to produce and 3D TVs and 3D smartphones, and of course, 3D games.The first games that use three-dimensional graphics, appeared in the early 1970s.You guessed it, that these games use three-dimensional graphics, and their action takes place in three dimensions.If you decide to play online 3d games free on our site, you become a player in interesting and exciting adventures.For example, playing 3d games online from the category of racing, you can get a feeling as if you are eating at the wheel of the car.It is worth saying that in order to play in the new 3d games online user must have a video card in your PC, which will be strong enough, and that will support 3D.At the moment they are quite expensive.However, there is a way out of this problem, because the three-dimensional graphics used to create ordinary flash games that you can play on our site for free.In addition, they do not require any powerful graphics card or CPU power.So that you can play online games 3d in flash.This technology allows to approximate the virtual world to the real, to fully simulate all the gameplay.Of course, playing with great surround 3D graphics attract a lot of attention, especially when compared to the "flat» 2D images.For example, many people play in a three-dimensional Tetris, where the figures are not falling flat and bulky.This "trick" allows you to make the game more attractive.If in the case of cinema, movies in 3D is more expensive than a movie in 2D, then in the computer game industry's different.As three-dimensional flash games, and two-dimensional, are absolutely free.Playing in three-dimensional game, you will have even more to think that everything that happens on the computer screen is in reality, because it is as thick as all in real life.

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