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One of the wonderful means of relaxation in our time were computer games online.They do not need to download and upload to your computer, they can easily run in the browser you use.For a wonderful and healthy recreation and good lead time, people are more inclined to choose such a genre as Game 3 in a row online.Similar games of the addition of various geometric shapes in a row horizontally or vertically well-trained brain and significantly improve care.You need to add the smallest number of moves as possible shapes or images, so your actions should be as clear and elaborate.For knowledge workers, online 3 in a row great way to for a while and forget about work at all.The popularity of this genre is growing every day.More and more players are joining the game easy and fun.In a number you do not overload the surplus of information, all the details easily.Genre is a lot of exciting subgenres, so people of any age can find the right game for them.All your experience rating and maintained regardless of whether you have closed your browser.There will always be given the opportunity to continue playing the game from the point you left off.All you have to do a game - it's picking on the board of certain groups of 3 or more figures in a series.If the figures will be more than 3, it will give you extra rewards and experience.Instead, you get a good and fun to relax.Figures on the field for the game can be as varied from simple colored geometric shapes and a teddy bunny with colorful bows.Most often, the game gives the player the ability to rearrange the figures places and so add to the pile of figures to each other.But there are games and memory, such as overturning cards and search multiple identical.3 games in a row online connect all of your logic and imagination.Sometimes a game of this kind belong to the logical genres.These games also have an interesting story, which is to pass and be collected in a number of figures.Sometimes the story itself is so fascinated that unwittingly you with more and more fervor rearrange figures on the board to find out "what's next?".More and more games in the genre 3 series released today.The plot and action figures, each time becoming more fun and better.Games do not lack bright and saturated colors that subconsciously makes your eyes look first figures for the same color, and then, and in form.If you have not played the game online 3 in a row, then you should definitely try.Just run the appropriate button in the browser window and a nice game!

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