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Always nice to find a game that combines several genres and the plot is full of magic and mystery of magic.And when it's all decorated in bright shell, it's hard to ignore such a product.For those who love to seek and find, solve puzzles, learn the secrets and fantasies, be happy with the possibility to dive into the games online 4 elements.Bright and colorful world of good witches and fairies full of that ancient magic that is based on harmony and man's interaction with nature.Four elements will help restore peace stability, violated the forces of evil.When the unity of the enchanting world of endangered and replaced thriving paradise came Heath, and its very existence was in question, only old knowledge will return everything to normal.Among the chaos came only one lock was unhurt.It lives the old magician, and only he knows how to restore the altars to the four elements - air, earth, fire and water.His wise books pose a spell that can restore balance and life in a magical country.Opening the game, you will plunge into the atmosphere of magic, mystery, nature and fantastic characters.Looking for answers in the ancient books, you first have to find the keys with which they open.These keys are stored at the altar, which means that they need to find you, too.Secret signs point the way, but the road will be rocky.To open the next cache, you will overcome many obstacles that complicate your mission by evil forces.Collecting pieces of objects, connect them together so that they become active.Only in this way they will be useful and help you move on.If you can successfully deal with the problem on their own - it's great.But, if an impasse, then the spell is removed enemies you think of the unknown artifacts.Do not despair - you have a little helper - fairy who always come to the rescue of those who are moved by the noble mission.She happily tells you that escapes your eye.But carefully - refer to it only in extreme cases, because of its strength and unlimited, and to restore the magic it takes time.The road runs through the books difficult and intricate mazes.To successfully overcome it, you have to break the colored stones to stand out in a single chain.The longer the chain, the faster and further you will advance, and the broken blocks will bring you the game points.Another challenge would be the job to care.The same, at first glance, the image still have differences.When you find them all and make a picture identical, only the level can be considered passed.While playing online 4 elements, you are completely immersed in the fantastic story and become a part of the wizarding world.You will see the wonderful scenery, where ancient temples and statues entwined with nature and become one.Thick vines entangle columns dense blanket home of the gods, in which the elements are hidden altars.Snowy mountains block the way and appear in the form of an ice maze.Mossy rocks and crawled like a conspiracy here to hide the trail.But little fairies flying'll take you to an obsession, helping to distinguish truth from fiction.With them in front of you, no obstacle can stand.They will be your helpers in the way, and you will reach your goal and save their magical land.4 elements - a mix of quests with game 3 in a row.Developing logic, observation and reaction, you will get the most vivid impressions of the gameplay.Save it in the bookmarks to be able to play again.

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