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Game action - this is the most popular genre, which can be translated as "action games."No doubt you know from personal experience with the action genre - it's Adventure, which is often called the common people shooters.They stimulate the player to act, quick response to changing circumstances and use the right tactics.Once such a set of actions will keep a virtual life, moving through the levels.The dynamics of the events does not allow the player to lose vigilance and relax as long as the level or the entire game will be passed.Along with this, the main condition for action games is the presence of any weapons.Action often diluted counterparts, and we can observe phenomena such as fighting games, shooters, platformers, arcade and so on.And action-adventure direction makes even more spectacular and makes a variety, spreading the use of weapons elements of martial arts with acrobatics.By shooter game with deep concern the virtual world, in developing the MMORPG version.In this online space the player is not particularly limited by convention and can develop their own line of conduct to be a lone warrior or join a certain clan.The choice of weapons in this shooter is quite rich, but it requires some of the costs for its purchase.Taking part in the fighting, and coming to win, the player is able to raise the level of his character managed to get the title, which increases its rank and get a new, more powerful weapons.In these games, there are many possibilities, and one of them to participate in the giving of truthful historical events or turn it in a different way.In addition to the wars of the last century, you can choose to speak of the Middle Ages and in the open field against the opposing army.But if you are fed up with the war, then the game will come with fantastic stories to replace them.The war against the dinosaurs, dragons, aliens and anti-superpower with dilute familiar to us peace.But, apart from complex MMORPG worlds, action flash games are not less attractive, though much simplified and limited in scope.But, they take a bit of time and allow for one evening to diversify leisure much more.Shoot in tank battles, go to the sniper rifle, or watering a fire from a machine gun.In some games launch missiles at the enemy will be your main mission, which is necessary to calculate the range and trajectory, while in others you will become a mafia, and will wage war between clans.When the robots come out of human control, they become very dangerous.Your task - to stop them at all costs!Driving by plane or helicopter, monitor the situation on the ground and look for strategic bases of the enemy.Your goal - to destroy them from the air and prevent hinder your troops to successfully complete the attack.Walking through the city, which is full of evil spirits in the form of werewolves, vampires and zombies, does not seem a pleasant walk if you do not have a belt, even the Kalash.Killing them is very problematic, because some of them were already dead.But for the sake of humanity and life of its own, have quite a lot of shooting, which is quite justified even from the point of view of humanity.List all the options action game impossible.It is so prolific theme that every day there are new versions and stories, and if repeated, offer a whole new perspective on what is happening.Watch our website for updates, and you will stay up to date with new products!

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