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To love story, filled with adventure, you have to be a dreamer and an adventurer. Those who greedily absorb the book and portrayed scenes where the characters are tested, go in search of treasures, discover unknown worlds and lost civilizations, admired the ability to play an adventure game. These are the most incredible games gathered themes where no shortage of dangers mysteries of magic and discovery. Along with the virtual characters you go to distant lands to find lost artifacts that hold a unique knowledge of previous generations. You will discover secret paths in the wild jungle that very subtle look. Ancient temples hidden vines and covered with moss, and even if you happen to find them, this is just the beginning of the story. You still have to decipher ancient hieroglyphics and runes to see what lurks in these writings. Create another toy, you set out on an adventure to play online. Venue may change quickly - just that you have ripped machete thick stems of vines, and the next moment to dive to get instructions its very bottom of the ocean. Once again, it is necessary to overcome the difficulties, fight predators, pirates and other ill-wishers. You wait ingenious traps, alien invasion, the keepers of secrets, and a poisonous plant. But, like any story, the way he met and those who are willing to help in the difficult task. They will point the right way or give a clue to solve the next puzzle. Sometimes the road will bring you into the maze of old, out of which the thorny and dangerous. Not only confusing, dark corridors complicate the route, but also the danger that they store thousands of years. Be prepared to fight the huge spiders, poisonous snakes, bats, revived plants awakened spirits. When the test is passed, you will have only a brief respite before you find yourself in a new danger. After dark hallways, you may well be in the hot desert, where only a tumbleweed and scorpions create movement. Otherwise, it seems that everything stopped, and you are the only in this hell are able to move. But if the hot desert like hell on earth what you say, once among the vast expanses of permafrost? But it is possible that the following prompt in your way will be there! Play online adventure game - it's always unexpected plot twists. You may be in a time loop and your job is to get out of it. For you will be attacked dragons, aliens, ninjas, otherworldly evil, robots, monsters and other enemies. Your path will be strewn with conspiracy, danger and intrigues of villains. You will have to find a lot of roads and artifacts, solve puzzles and cryptography to solve lots of puzzles and find the right path. Each adventurer recovering in search of truth and treasure, must arm themselves with patience and go through the school of the detective, as have a lot to look for. But physical parameters are important, because it was possible to shoot, run and jump will have no less. On its way, you will meet a variety of characters - and not so familiar. With Super Mario, Sponge Bob, Alice through the mirror, Sonic hedgehog, dinosaur Dino and many others, you know how to cartoons, and in the previous game products. But it is always interesting to meet new characters, and we try to fill our website the most entertaining games that you will have a lot of exciting adventures.

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