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Do you want to spend your time with pleasure?Then the game Akinator for you.A magical genie will guess you all the hidden character.Akinator appeared on Internet open spaces in 2007 due to two French developers and actively gaining popularity.No matter what character you think, whether it's an actor, singer, or some well-known cartoon character, Akinatoru overweening.With players from all over the world, the genie assimilate new knowledge by analyzing the answers to the questions asked.Thus, the game is a simple program with a huge database, the secret of which the developers do not want to open.You will spend many hours does the game, trying to give us something to trick the genie coming up more and more obscure, or have long forgotten all the characters.But the trick is not so easy gin.Akinator asks you about 20 common issues trying to understand the direction of your thoughts.Then the questions become more specific and, as a result, the genie did find the character you have in mind.At this point, the game is translated into 11 languages ​​and diamonds and every corner of the world finds its loyal fans.If Akinator conquered and you, you have the unique opportunity to participate in the development of the program.You can add new items, pictures, characters, but of course, only after verification by the moderators of the project.If you are lucky, and Jin did not guess the character you have in mind, and it is not in the list is, then you are prompted to enter the name of a character in the appropriate field, and two or three words to describe it.Description must be entered in any case, since it will not confuse your character similar to him.Guessing characters from favorite books and serials, get Akinatora good think.In Akinator game is simple and fun, friends, connect to the game, along conceive characters and answer the questions.The interface is simple and easy to use, and more pleasing to the eye design in the style of "1000 and 1 night."Akinator himself - is pretty genie out of the bottle, who knows everyone and everything.If you think your character is not guessed, Jin has two more attempts, for which he certainly should be able to achieve his mission.Even in your office play Akinator can always contact you with a mobile device.Simply download the yoke to a mobile phone or laptop and take with you.You will be what to do in their free time.Challenge invincible gin, and you will surely gain the victory over him!More perseverance and patience, before you have compelling goals.

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