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Heroes of popular manga and anime characters are computer games.Fans of "Fullmetal Alchemist" are now able to participate in the creation of yourself and find the philosopher's stone.Japanese anime are often quite deep meaning and, therefore, to convey an understanding of the whole range of what is happening in the computer games developers will not.Game suitable for fans of the genre, and for those who are not familiar with the characters of manga, but likes to play arcade games and adventure games.Games suit both boys and girls due to their diversity and wide specification.Go in search of the philosopher's stone, along with two brothers, through many trials in your way.As in Adventure games, you have to collect coins and various bonuses to set the highest score.You can also see other anime characters in online games of the alchemist.Destroy as many as possible chimeras that want to attack you, and save the life of your hero.Girls will be able to find in the category of games and dress up your favorite characters.Games themselves very little resemblance to the anime, but the general concept of peace was preserved.Will find something for yourself and anime fans that will, perhaps, as critics and fans of the genre industry flash games anime.Fullmetal Alchemist games have their tense story in and of themselves quite dynamic, your hero for a minute you can not sit still.Constantly need to run somewhere and solve any problems encountered.The abundance of game in this category is quite large - adventure games, shooters, fighting, and various games for girls.Your goal is to find the philosopher's stone and fight with the main opponent of the homunculus.During the game you need to use their physical strength and endurance, and a rare gift of a magician.Return the philosopher's stone and the main characters return to her original form.In the alchemical experiments they became those whom we see them now - jump high, but always rolling Edward and big, strong, but clumsy, brother Edward, Alphonse.Control in games is quite simple, any difficulties you will not give it, and will, on the contrary, get carried away and become lost in the game.World of alchemy is not very simple.And the main characters must go through many trials before they reach the main goal.Now coming more and more games of this category, and more and more people find the game on the anime is very funny and interesting.Well, now you just have to understand all that these two have done.You will need a lot of patience to go through all the levels in the game.Help the heroes out of their still-present appearance.

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