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Treasure hunting has always stirred up the minds of adventurers.Secrets and mysteries that are associated with them, are of interest for adventurers, historians and archaeologists.Some people crave for profit, others are driven thirst for knowledge and discovery of truth.Some stories are legends, stop believing scientists, but which continues to inspire romance.Go to one of the legends is the story of Atlantis.Everyone knows that the crust once had a very different geography.Where now extends ocean used to be continents.They went under water during a severe earthquake and floods.Some of them have been discovered and studied so far.They found traces of lost civilizations, which gives the opportunity to learn about the living standards in these areas.Atlantis but never managed to find so far.It is assumed that she was dead even 9000 years ago, as mentioned by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.But, despite the fact that the scientific world has announced Atlantis fiction and legend, the interest in her as a really existing island, in certain circles, continues to be at the peak.It served as the birth of different theories has been used repeatedly in the subjects of literature and cinema, and on the internet, you can easily get the opportunity to play online diamond Atlantis.If you've heard before about this mysterious island, you should know that it hides not only historically interesting facts, secret knowledge, but also keeps a huge treasure that had to carry with them into the water.Among other treasures, was a diamond, giving its owner the power of a supernatural powers and fulfilling all the wishes of its owner.Sank to the bottom of the ocean, you will find untold riches lying around.They have long lain motionless, that managed to grow into a rock or coral, and plunged into the ground so deep that you can get them with great difficulty.Only a brave man with the power of logic and persistence can collect jewels and get the magic diamond.You will discover the beauty of the ancient world, and sparkling stones sparkle with all the facets of his greatness.Building a gem in a single chain, you work your way to the new deposits of jewelry.And those that are rooted in the ocean rocks or ruins, will be produced by smashing them with a hammer, dynamite, guns, bombs, and other accessories.They come to you in time as soon as you reach the required number of bonus points.The game runs at a time, so act fast and to look what course to you at this point would be more beneficial.Sometimes jewelry will be hidden in special nooks and closed circuits.To reach them, you have to put maximum effort.That observation and tactics promotes success of these miners.If not finish in time, will have to pass the level again.Levels during the passing game will become more complex, and on the way to appear different puzzles to be solved.The game is so vast that you have to go more than a hundred different episodes in the two modes and four additional.For beginners, provided the level of difficulty is easier, and for experienced players "average and" professional. "Complete the game from beginning to its ending, always interesting to repeat the adventure, start the process over and Diamond Atlantis play online much challenge modes.You can download free full version of a toy or enjoy it, being on the Internet.

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