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Angry birds - is a fun online game with cartoon characters

Uninitiated player, the first time confronted with the Angry birds, difficult to understand what was the reason for the hype around the product.Despite the striking design and superb quality graphics, the gameplay does not seem so innovative.But if you are not alien curiosity, then after a few minutes, you'll understand why the game was so widespread and has more than a billion downloads.Angry birds belongs to the genre of casual games, which explains about her first impression.Pretty simple and straightforward story, easy operation and simple rules of the game make it accessible for all ages.At the same time, adult gamers who are "addicted" to it, it becomes more and more.Angry birds covered all available platforms, including mobile phones.Having played Angry birds online at least once, you will join the army of fans, and will want to continue to communicate with the game in the other episodes that have come out after the success of the first series.The very name of Angry birds translated differently.You could find the version, "" Angry Birds "," Angry Birds "and" Angry Birds. "All options can be considered correct, because they are the displays.Green pigs destroyed bird nests and feathered nothing to do but to take revenge.There could anyone be angry if his house attacked by the vile creature.So, on the agenda of revenge!The birds were quite organized and using the slingshot own bodies and the remaining eggs, used them to fight with the pigs.Despite the fact that the cunning svinyushki lodge in the complex structure of different materials, angry birds in the teeth, that is on the beak, even the most serious strengthening.Each subsequent game level is complicated by the fact that birds have to destroy the pigs houses of wood, stone and iron.But there are also less durable units that are not of much difficulty in destroying them: glass, gold, snow, clouds, sand.Each building can handle one of the colored birds with unique abilities.Blue birds in flight three cloned and destroy shelters of glass.Yellow develop greater speed, alter the flight path and effective against houses of wood.But the glass and stone are beyond them.Black is a highly explosive weapons, because they - are very real bomb!But, if the stone structures they were better, the wood and glass should not be afraid.But the white birds have decided to adapt the blasting balls and throw them at the enemy from the bird's flight.Green - it boomerangs that destroy wooden houses and returned to the place of dispatch.The big red bird - a "big brother" little red birds, which occurs early in the game and has no special talents.But the big red, effectively breaks the wood and stone.Orange can carry any shelter pigs and birds all around the ice frozen.Pink bird on contact with objects immersed them in soapy lather that lifts all the air.Since Angry birds games online are a series of products, not all characters appear simultaneously in all.In various episodes, you will meet: the mighty eagles and Space, parrots and Ducky pearls, white eggs with an antenna and some species of birds, which have already been mentioned.Angry birds game is not restricted, and the representation in the face of enemies, only pigs.In different series you will see the King pig, Scutellaria, monkeys, evil cockatoo, fat pig and mustachioed baron.

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