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Today, countries stop hiding behind a dense screen, hidden from the eyes of onlookers.If ever a country folk traditions remain within its borders and remain a mystery to the rest of the world, now more and more can be seen as a culture of different nations are opening themselves to all.All unusual and new always attracts attention and is fast becoming popular, especially if a radical departure from the usual and familiar.That is what happened with the traditions and culture of the East.Very long land of the rising sun kind to their cultural heritage, not wanting to share it with the world.They have been carefully shielded from all that is outside and so long in this state, which have developed their own unique style of life.But if Europe and the West could not understand them until the end, though, and actively studied, the effect of the penetration into the system of the East was almost impossible.Only more recently the country with unique traditions began afford little relief and to adopt some of the outlandish developments and ideas, but at the same time, putting a twist on them in his own way.Such a manifestation of a kind of oriental culture is anime.We all tend to think that this is exclusively Japanese invention, but in fact the roots of this phenomenon go to the West.Back in the early twentieth century, Japanese filmmakers have paid attention to the new design and animation technique of the West.The founder of modern anime is considered to be Osama Tenzuka, also known as the "King of the manga and anime."Tezuka carefully studied the works of Disney and borrowed the idea of ​​a transfer of emotion through a disproportionately large eyes.Thus, there is a new trend in animation, called anime, which means - Japanese animation.Basically, this product is designed for children and teen audience, but as the trends, themes became more complex, which has aroused interest and adult viewers.At the moment the anime became known far beyond the borders of their historic homeland and acquired a vast army of fans.This was the fact that on the basis of an idea began to form anime related products, and computer games seem entirely natural phenomenon.Anime games for girls offer many kinds odevalok in the tradition of Japanese culture.Known to all the Sailor Moon, Naruto, and Miu presented as models.For them, and many other characters can pick up different images and go for a walk, meet friends, date, disco, trip or a meeting of the New Year.Anime games give the opportunity to change the appearance of characters with games with hair, makeup and clothes.Features and eye color change is also accessible on your own.Creating the interior of the respective games will develop a taste and purchase the design skills, learn how to interpret the functional convenience of premises without compromising their comfort.Anime games online - this battle with the enemy with the help of martial arts and the use of magic.Games with Pokemon can also be attributed to this category, since the graph follows the anime style.Topic of animal welfare, the designers to create small worlds for residents anime flash Tamagotchi and other original ideas develop games for girls anime.Coloring or puzzles are also present in the subject and anime online games offer fans of the genre to enjoy educational games presented in the specific anime.

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