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Such a great game, like Arkanoid is a real classic, familiar from childhood.This game was created back in 1986, but despite this it is still popular.There are games created for the ages, and Arkanoid is one of them.This game was originally released on the slot machines, and many people specially visited train stations, stores and other places where there were slot machines, only to play Arkanoid.The principle of the game is to use a platform-controlled racket and beat off the ball.The platform can be moved horizontally from one wall to the other.She must hit the ball so it will not fall down.If the ball hits the brick, this building block is destroyed.The player's task is to destroy all the blocks, bricks, and not let the ball fall.It is not so easy, especially as the ball constantly gaining speed and catching it all the more difficult.However, after you kill the special brick, it can give you certain bonuses.Among these bonuses is slowing the ball or, for example, extension board.Only data bonuses will apply to your first mistake.If you do not catch the ball, then bonuses are burned.Once you manage to destroy all the bricks, you go to a more difficult level.At the next level are the building blocks in a different order, so your task is somewhat more complicated.In the most complex levels is necessary for each brick to hit a few times to destroy it.In addition, the complex levels may appear flying enemies.From them, the ball will bounce, and thus does not fall into the bricks.The classic version of the game contains 33 levels, where the final level, you have to fight the boss the game named Doh.Reaching the finals of the game is very difficult, but it's certainly worth a try.Especially in today's world for this game, you do not need a gaming machine, and do not even need a game console.You will be able to play Arkanoid online on our website.As you can see, this game is not complicated, but in fact all ingenious is simple.The classic version of the game in Arkanoid became so popular that soon went complement, and continue with a new design and with new levels.There are hundreds of clones of the game, based on the same principle as the classic breakout game.Just sometimes the ball is replaced by bone, snowflakes or something else that bounces off the block platform that moves from wall to wall.These games have also become very popular.

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