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Avatar The Last Airbender game repeats the story of the American television series, based on the data that creates gaming products.Here unfolds the story of eternal conflict of good versus evil, where the main role is played by Aang.He is not alone and can always count on your friends, who are interested in winning no less.He belongs to the people of Air, which is already a hundred years war against the Fire Nation and its owner.This is the magical story of the Avatar universe, ruled by the elements of nature: water, earth, air and fire.In this world, everything is interconnected, and the secrets of nature reveal magicians secrets.The people living in this universe, endowed with the ability to command one of the elements and their life is dedicated to develop these skills, constantly and relentlessly improving their skills.Avatar game tells of Aang, who is the current incarnation of the Avatar.His twelve years of age is not true, because a hundred years he was imprisoned in an iceberg, where chained themselves very deliberately.He was frozen with his own flying bison, and it happened when the people of the Air was destroyed the people of Fire.After his release from ice captivity, he and his friends sent to the unfinished business - a war with Ozaem - Fire Lord.To maximize your chances of winning, Aang learns magic of Fire and Earth and is the star pupil.Face to face with the enemy, he questions whether now destroy Ozaya.Still many questions to be answered, which is not our hero.Search for the truth, he is in their previous incarnations, but the answer comes from the lion-turtle.Entering into a state of concentration, is the state of Avatar Aang, and acquired new knowledge help him to deprive the King of magic abilities to Phoenix.Having started to play the game Avatar, you feel like a part of the fairy-tale world where the forces of the elements to help restore balance and order.Along with the main character and his friends, you will learn the skills of the management of these elements with magic and actively fight for the restoration of peace and justice.Each hero has a lady and Aang is no exception.His lover Qatar helps him in everything, and being all the time there, was taken prisoner along with Aang to the Fire Lord.Only acting cohesively, and understanding each other poluvzglyada, they manage to escape.Games Avatar The Last Airbender will introduce you to some other characters encountered in various subjects.Besides those already mentioned, you will see his brother Katara - Sokka, which belongs to the Water element.It's a fun and good-natured guy, but his persistence in training martial arts, make it strong and hardy warrior.Another character - Toph.Earth is its element and it controls metal.Her watchful eye, but sees it through the eyes and senses vibration, who tells her about the feelings of the people and help to identify the nature of things.It became a teacher for the AAPG, teaching him the magic of the earth.Sometimes antiheroes change their views and stand on the side of good.Son of Fire Lord - Zuko, his life-long battle with Aang and destroy it.But when their friendship has become more intimate character, Zuko plans changed and he joined the army of the Avatar.Now he wants to become Fire Lord, overthrowing the throne of his father.We invite you to play avatar, where you will discover all the secrets of the mysterious world where the struggle pursues only noble goal, and restoring the balance of nature, you will develop your own magical skills.Discover the world of Avatar.

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