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School years filled with a child's life is not only cramming lessons, control, assessments and challenges parents to school.This student concerts, plays, festivals, and at recess different games, including the desktop.It is then particularly active play tic-tac-toe, battleship, Tankzors, the gallows (in words) and its counterpart - "Baldo".With these games, you can always spend a few extra minutes between classes.But, if we stay honest to the end of the lesson, with uninteresting topic these entertainment also come to the rescue.As adults, people rarely find time for such entertainment, but remember them with nostalgia and joy when their children are also showing interest in the game, once loved by them.Times of modern technology are able to return their grown-up children of the old fun, offering digital versions of board games.Now, with a PC or a mobile phone, you can download it to a lot of friends, favorite toys and indulge in the process in any free moment.And if you want, you need to access the Internet and play them online, which will keep the memory of digital media free.Puzzle Games - this is a very useful exercise, the ability to develop or maintain a toned logical thinking and mathematical abilities.These free games include fun "Blockhead" and noodle play online - this is an opportunity not to pollute the memory of artificial intelligence.This game is so popular in today's Internet space, it can often be seen in the positions of social networks, where the process of joining a lot of users.As in the paper version, games noodle presented as a square, lined by cells resembling exercise book.The number of cells varies - it depends on the selected word from which will take place the following answers.For example, if we take as the basis of the word "noodle", where each letter is entered in a single cell, the square will be 5x5 cells, which in total will give 25.Forming a new word, the player must enter at right angles one letter above or below with respect to one of those that are already registered in the field.Newly formed words are also involved in the game and they can also be options.All words must be nominative and singular.Or, in the nominative plural, if the word can not be used in the singular number.Among the above rules should also note that the word should not be indecent or jargon.Only literary language can be used during the game.Online game play allows the bulldozer until the moment when the field is not filled in all the cells.Players make one move at a time specified in the order of precedence.Words should not be repeated, and letter "e" and "f" are accepted for one.Of course, you know very well, and all of these rules, but again never superfluous.Play online noodle useful and fun.Besides the natural passion for any game, "Balda" enrich your vocabulary, and if the value of some words you do not know, this is an excellent opportunity to fill a gap in knowledge, opening Dictionary.In developing a puzzle game "Balda", you can demonstrate your erudition and learn something new for themselves.All this is possible if you play in Balda online for free.Just such an opportunity is provided to you on our web site of computer games, where there is always something new, innovative and informative Internet for audiences of all ages.

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