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Of all the musical instruments, drums - it's one of the first to invent more primitive people.These drums were used by shamans to communicate with spirits to enter into a trance of another person, to intimidate opponents, or pen of animals during hunting.For each case, was invented by its own rhythm, and on it you can guess what is trying to achieve a "talking to spirits."In the not too distant past military offensives were accompanied drumming, raising the morale of his soldiers, and threatening acting on the enemy.Pioneer childhood now adults, not without dating bugle and drum, the sound of which raised and lowered the flag and reported to superiors.Today, we are not to drive herds of buffalo for hunters, not coming to the drum at the ready against an army of enemies and not to take an oath of loyalty Pioneer organization, but the drums are still in our lives.Without them, not do concerts of many musical groups.By removing this rhythmic sound, we lose a special and a unique effect, which gives the drums.Modern drum sets have undergone a change in the spirit of the new technology and are now equipped with electronics that allow to extract much more varied palette of sounds, and computer games offer yourself to learn to play on them.Drums online play like the young and more experienced audience.You get to enjoy the clean sound of drums, striking familiar musical party.Become a real drummer with these games can even child, if some effort and remember the order of introduction of each drum or cymbal in the correct order.As a virtual teacher will act clues, flashing shock and specifying the number of attacks on him.Began to master the rhythms of those who have already registered in the game, record the result, and listen to what you have got.The ability to record is quite a useful feature, as it gives an idea of ​​your progress and allows you to correct the deficiencies in the future.Use the built-in game tunes to learn a certain song.Learn how to play them, you can try experimenting with improvisation and from the existing melodies to create his own version.Such a trick often use celebrities wanting to give the music a new sound.In online play drums can not only learning goal, but just having fun.Become one of the group, and came to the big stage.Feel yourself as a drummer and band merge into one, creating a beautiful melody.There is an interesting version of the game where the plot laid dark humor, and as a drummer for the installation will sit bones.Extracting from their otherworldly music of drums, the beat of her own, he will rattle the bones, giving the game a certain comic.But Masyanya quite cheerful and as a DJ feels quite comfortable.However, it is in any situation feels himself so, but that theme song she obviously particularly like.She presses on all buttons, pulling all sorts of levers and beat on drums sparing them.Only your mood and desire to help you select the version of the drum games that will entertain you or to learn the game at such an ancient musical instrument.And can you really try to awaken roots great-great-great, etc., ancestors and become a warrior, shaman, or by the chief of the tribe?In appropriate games, you can see how the voice of blood in you alive and call.

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