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A country such as the United States is difficult to imagine without Coke, gum, jeans and comics.Comics in this country for a long time popular, and the most popular heroes of American children learn from an early age.One of the most popular comic book superheroes is about Man-Bat, which is better known under the name of Batman.On the basis of the plot of the comics were created dozens of animated series and feature films.Have been established and Batman games online for free, which were popular at the time of game consoles, and in times of personal computers.If you have not watched any movies or cartoons about Batman, to start discovering the world of superheroes and villains from the Batman games online, you can play on our site.But before you start it, read a little story about Batman.This man lives in Gotham City.This city is full of thugs and criminals.The majority of citizens have come to terms with the fact that this city is ruled by criminals and profit at the expense of ordinary citizens.Little pickpockets clean pockets of passers, and gang leaders rob banks.It seems that this city will not be saved.However, there is Batman, who is ready to help all who are in such need.Help Batman inspires police of the city, which seems to be losing the fight against crime.At about the plot and built Batman games online.Initially, the Batman will have to deal with petty criminals.It seems that Batman can handle all.However, a regular on his way stands the main villain, to return control of the city in their hands and the ability to provide strong resistance to Batman.Sometimes it's ugly Penguin - real strategist crime.Sometimes it's crazy Joker, who always laughs at Batman.Sometimes it is an insidious villain Poison Ivy, immune to poison, and can poison anyone.Sometimes it is a powerful Bane, ready to blow up the hell out of the city.Of course, Batman will not be easy to cope with all.But playing Batman games online for free, you are sure to help him to defeat all the baddies.Especially since he appeared and allies.His allies at various times Catwoman or acrobat Robin.Bettman playing games online, you must believe that good will always triumph over evil, and you will succeed in this game.These games are very exciting and interesting.No accident because they were so long ago came to the gaming industry, and still are very popular.

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