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Animated characters again please all the girls.

All little girls are actually fairies.It is only during the day they pretend children, and when the night comes, and the adults are immersed in the sweet embrace of sleep, comes the time of Witchcraft and Wizardry.The girls spread their colorful wings and transform into fairies.They fly in a fairytale land and soar among the huge, but beautiful flowers, eat their sweet nectar and pollen.Their secret country is always summer and there is no bad weather, there are many toys and other beautiful and interesting things.There are girls and fairies with magic wand and pollen can work wonders.They learn new abilities that make them fairies.It is a pity that when the morning comes, they have to return to the world of ordinary people, and behave as if with nothing unusual had happened.They are happy to be taken to the country of his parents and not leave it more than ever, but, unfortunately, this is not possible, because the world of fairies is not intended for adults.There can be reached only children who developed imagination.Remember the story of Peter Pan - adulthood, the road yesterday ordered the children there and they forget that once were free, able to fly and do magic.But while you are still young, enjoy it all as much as possible, and that day is not to long for the magic and delicious wings pollen, games Winx Biliviks brighten up your waiting hours before another meeting with her friends, the fairies.In these stories you meet the main characters from fairy world.Perhaps you know them personally, and therefore you will not be difficult for them to find an attractive outfit from a magic wardrobe, where among other things you'll find several pairs of fairy wings, presenting with unique abilities.They can increase the speed, look and learn how to transform teleport.Little fairies from Winx Club love to play and have fun.They love to dance and go on dates.That is why they are closely following the fashion and no new items are not dropped.You can also find out the latest fashion trend magical, if you check for updates in category odevalok.Winx games for girls Biliviks very bright and offer a variety of all kinds of subjects.Even if you occasionally have to fight evil, it does not mean that you do not look snogsshibayusche should.Since everything in the world of fairies different bright colors and a riot of color, clothes, hair, manicure and makeup also allocated special palette of colors.Pay attention to the transformation of each of the fairies, and you will see how they transformed.By training your skills, play a game where you have to catch in the sky to look for different things and gather them together in a landscape.Thus, you increase logical ability and develop much needed observation, which will be useful not only in your wizarding world, but in the world of ordinary people.Faced with the monsters, the team Winx against them together, using each in force.Only through the close friendship can overcome the enemy, which encroached on the rest fabulous state.But sometimes the villains too lucky, and they cause a lot of harm.They really do not like the bright colors, and they are trying to destroy them.Stealing a color palette, they are doomed to a wretched existence of fairies in black-and-white world.Winx coloring game Beliviks designed to ensure that you have returned the pixies familiar look and a magical land filled with rainbow colors.Sometimes villains can, to do even more severely, breaking Fairyland into small pieces.Playing in the puzzle, you rebuilt it again.

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