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Sport is not familiar to us remains in place, and all the while forming new direction, based on the existing ones.Thus, in the late sixties in America subspecies formed immediately on the basis of two sports - motorcycle and bike races, and became known as BMX.It would seem - why reinvent the new, when there are two distinct types of events?Want to pedal - get on a bike, and you want more drive and speed - Saddle bike.But there are people who can not afford it to participate in races on a motorcycle, although I wanted to.This category generally includes children and adolescents, which found a way out, driving on motorcycle routes for cycling, wearing motorcycle gear, they finally formed a new direction, which was called BMX.By the new sport look very impressive, but it is accessible attracted to him many admirers.Already in the seventies in the U.S. its administrative body responsible for the conduct of bicycle motocross BMX.The new sport began to spread outside of the country of origin and soon appeared in Europe.In 1981 he founded the International BMX Federation, the year was the first world championship, the International Cycling Union, he was included in 1993, and ten years later admitted to the Olympics in Beijing the summer of 2008.There are champions and world records.The emergence of online games bmx looks quite natural, given the craze for the given direction and the mass sale of special bikes that are also called BMX.These sports games develop themes, offering players become virtual racer bike and try out the complexity of the tricks and passing Trues.Since the real BMX sport has its direction, the computer and the "children" repeat them exactly.During races, the athlete starts with the so-called high-launch, starting with half of the hill and up to four meters in height.Track itself, most often consists of four straight segments, three turns and all sorts of obstacles: a double or triple jump, wave, and other steps.In games you will encounter with the real life technology "pumping", where it is necessary to pass bumps without pedaling a bicycle.The next area of ​​real sports and bmx games online - flatland (flat surface), which is referred to as dancing on a bicycle, includes demonstration of tricks on flat terrain.Next is the freestyle (free style), and also includes a number of new directions: Vert, Dirt, Street and Park.During style Vert athlete riding on the ramp and performing tricks when it reaches one of its edges.Dirt is on track with hills, where the highest point of it, flying up into the air, the athlete also demonstrates the complex tricks.Street (street) includes a number of tasks in the city, where the obstacles are the railings, stairs, railings and other architectural elements.Finally, Park (Park), equipped with similar obstacles as the street, but with elements of special units - trapezoids, handrails, ramps, edges and others.Along with the classic BMX games, where players are invited to take the route or go on the ramp, young gamers will get acquainted with such interesting area sports subjects, running a small dinosaur or other creature.In any case it is necessary to comply with the laws of physics and not risk needlessly.

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