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The girls after a game of daughters and mothers, in second place is the game to the hospital.Cure is always better than to hurt yourself.But that treatment has benefited, special knowledge and practice.Knowledge, or rather the idea of ​​medicine, can be obtained from books, but practice will give you a game for girls Hospital.In them you will encounter a variety of cases - simple and deadly.Although, no disease no matter - each running a slight discomfort may develop into a serious health problem.Even ordinary scratch, if not antiseptic, inflammation and lead to suppuration and blood poisoning.Treat such wounds have been much longer and more severe with the use of antibiotics, injections, dressings drippers and tedious, not to mention the surgery.Free Game Hospital will provide insight on how different are the disease and how to deal with them medical personnel.Working in the virtual clinic offers you a choice - to become a nurse or a doctor.Each office duties and responsibilities.At the time, the doctor examines the patient assigns tests and diagnoses, the nurses have to do all the prescribed procedures prescribed by your doctor and make sure that the patient followed the procedures.But, whether you are a doctor or his assistant, you have to deal with different cases, sometimes very complicated.Dashing motorcyclists, athletes, sloppy pedestrians, trapped under the wheels of the car, and other cases fill hospital beds with open fractures, skin wounds and a concussion.You can not always get off easy dressing.Often such victims require surgery and you have to operate according to the rules bedolag medicine.There is so realistic simulations, we should have strong nerves and composure to myself not to faint.Hospital - is also a maternity hospital.Now you can not ask my mother, where you came, and to try to imagine a tired stork, which drags you in colored diapers and screaming with hunger in all the heavens.Running the game for free hospital, you will be able to see the entire labor and birth process of the new man yourself.During the game you will know what a baby, and then take care of them very serious matter.The treatment need both people and animals.They also sometimes have to do a shot, take tests or remove the tooth.Show concern for the health of our little friends, see their respective games, becoming a veterinarian.Always wonder how the drugs, getting into our bodies.Hospital online game will give you a representation in an entertaining way.Turned into a vaccine, you will find yourself inside the body of the affected harmful bacteria.Travelling inside the human body, you will hunt for the destruction of vermin.Depends on your skill and the recovery of the patient your game scores.And once in place, and the patient feeling perfectly healthy, you'll be able to make an attempt to escape from the hospital room.You are waiting for a hidden object, puzzle and other elements of the quest.The success of the escape depends on your intelligence and ability to avoid the watchful eye of nurses.Physicians, except that busy treating patients, and even just people who fall in love.But, at work, romance is not the place, and therefore, kissing the doctor, try to avoid other people's views.The game will allow the hospital to play in a variety of versions and no download to your PC.

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