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Man remains resolutely little room for surprise.It is not that unusual in the world of technology is no longer happening, but there are so many new items that people are so hardened and got used to the emotions responsible for surprise that they took all the new granted.Perhaps more surprising is the absence would cause constant updates and additions.If ever mobile phones seemed to be something on the verge of fiction, then today their capacity, at times, seems a little.Once even primitive mobile games were admired, and today the ability to connect to the Internet via the phone is perceived quite normal and necessary for daily life function.Companies manufacturing digital electronics, constantly competing with each other.Most unstable absorbed by larger, older technologies go into oblivion, and the vacant seat act more advanced, corresponding to modern requirements.Of mobile phone company Nokia, probably still remember platformer Bounce tales - game balls.This uncomplicated toy with simple graphics to flirt especially adults.It got to the point that the whole competition arranged for the passage and were set personal records.The game is so fascinated because the mobile games were a novelty and diversity did not differ.Would still like to have to admit that even now, when the level of technology has reached great heights, the game has not ceased to be interesting and continues to attract the attention of not only her former lovers, but also to form a new army of fans.Phenomenon, when computer games adapted for mobile versions, has become quite familiar, but sometimes happens and reverse transformation.That such a fate befell and game balls and places them in Bounce tales games online.Now, even if you find the original for Nokia you can download the game on any phone in the new version and enjoy improved graphics and new levels.But, you can not install it on a disk, enjoying the game online.The essence Bounce tales games online is simple - jumping on the hill, plunging into the water, pass the levels and try not to lose.Some of the obstacles you just jump on the other should be to bring down the full force of impact, to destroy them.Collect items along the way that will bring you some extra game points.But most importantly - not Narva sharp objects that can destroy you.If all obstacles are overcome, and you coped with all the tasks, you can save the world by ridding it of evil Gipnotoida.Often there is a situation when the original product is a springboard for the development of ideas in the clones.This phenomenon is not uncommon, and, therefore, seeing the rubric «bounce tales», you may well find it in all sorts of games, repeating the story and gameplay parent.A similar product is quite nice games worthy of your attention.It just so happened that all the great ideas eventually found not only fans, but also those who are feeding on other people's invention creates something new, while repeating the original.In this case, this phenomenon is not only not harmful to bounce tales, but also makes it more diverse.Now you have the opportunity to compare all versions and pass a verdict.Fans of this genre in any case will be satisfied opportunity to discover something new, previously unplayed.Bright colors, lively music, dynamic gameplay - all set up for your entertainment.

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