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Flash games offer a variety of boxing simulation.In some of them you first need to decide on the look of his character - to pick up his pants, skin color, hair style.After that, you should choose the opponent.Typically, not all opponents are available in the first round and the player must prove their skills before stepping into the ring with more powerful opponents.Should carefully examine the different characteristics of the hero, before releasing him to a fight with some powerful boxer - whether it has a sufficient level of protection, attack power and overall skill?These figures may increase during the battle, and is strong contenders left for later, start training your skills on a weak boxer.Experience points can be increased for each successful strike, notable knockout.Then the experience can be distributed to the characteristics of the hero, choosing those qualities that you need to improve.Boxing game, and are often created without the possibility of an upgrade.Then simply enter the ring and start shaking his fists, trying to force its impact on the weak points of the enemy.In boxing games can offer several options for attacks.For example, the top and bottom of the hook, heavy duty punch.To activate them, to press various buttons, because before the start of the match is to examine the management style game, not to be in a hail of enemy fists.As in real boxing, virtual battles need to be able not only to attack but to defend themselves.For this purpose a special unit - when it is held, all the opponent's attacks do not cause any harm to the hero.For those who do not want to understand the complex management, should try a simple boxing game in which there is only one type of stroke.The player's task is reduced to the choice of the correct position and frequently pressing the attack.Boxers in the mini-games can be moved around the ring to go up to the retreating opponent or vice versa, to move back to the very edge or dodge dangerous attacks.If the box a player associated with the brutal melee fighting, the entertainment and the like can organize computer games.For example, after the launch of the game visible to the opponent's face and his fists are the main character.By controlling the mouse cursor can select the area of ​​the strike, and launch an attack with the left click.Rounds in virtual boxing competitions can last for a limited time or for as long as one of the boxers is not run out of energy.Boxing online games available in this section of the site.Who want to fight today?What techniques do you use?Leave your embarrassment and fear, because in the virtual world, anyone can become a boxing champion.

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