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In the late 80's, at the dawn of gaming, several developers came up with the idea to create anything else like the genre of games.A genre that might be interested in an adult audience, and that would force players to think, to ponder their moves and weigh every decision.Thus was born a genre of computer strategies.The first sign of a new game genre has become «Dune II», published in the early 90's.New players immediately came to mind, which allowed the game to become a classic of the genre, and get a lot of sequels.After the success of the universe of Frank Herbert, was still a lot of these games, and each of them adds something new to the genre, so it developed and improved.To date, games, wearing nature of the strategy does not count.Let's look at what these represent the most popular strategy.The first strategy games is considered to be board games such as chess and Renju.The strategies, as opposed to other genres, the player controls not just one or two characters, and an army of "units."The main focus here is to build a powerful army, strengthening the base and soetc.The huge popularity of the economic policies that for gaming value, the need to drill for natural resources, for which the field is fierce struggle.These games are perfect for those who are used wisely to achieve victory, and not brute force.The need to build mines, to create their own military training - all this has made this type of strategy a bestseller.For those who are not fond of diplomats and politicians, who love the process of battle is perfect "wargame".This is not a genre, it's kind of a strategy in which the army building, mining and other "peaceful" things relegated to the background, if not removed from the game.Under your command enters Army fighters, and your goal - to destroy the enemy.Separate niche in the strategy genre take online strategy.They are divided into browser games online strategy, and games require client installation.Undoubtedly, these games have the largest number of fans, as the play alone against the computer eventually become boring, and the game against a live opponent brings to the game a completely new paint.Each player has his own style and the style of play, which will extend the pleasure of your favorite games.Build your empire, become a monopolist in the production of natural resources, or become the most formidable army chief - the strategies your options are limited only by your imagination.

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