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Have you ever wondered why men and women are so different?And it's not about the differences in anatomy or physiology, not of external signs, and of the inner world.The boys and girls, most of them are completely different outlook on life, a different way of thinking, worldview.Even scientists still can not afford to give an answer to the questions of many.Noticeable difference in the interest of all: girls other hobbies, boys like other classes.As for this course, and games.Paradox, but if a child loves to play with toys, without exception, that with age in women, the craving disappears.Boys, on the contrary, not having time to play, or simply believing that they have grown up and does not become such classes - still subconsciously are children that involve cars, machines, and other children, in fact, attribute.Many blamed the difference on the inherent maternal instinct girls, allegedly for women throughout the life of the game is the birth and upbringing of the child.It's true, the most common among girls games are the daughters and mothers, play in high school and so on.But however that may be, the girls are very few fans of computer games.But many boys literally lose his head from different strategies, arcades and quests.One of the most popular genres are Action games for boys.From the name it is clear that the essence of the game is reduced to walking on something, be it a building or a city street.But it is in use in most cases accompanied by the presence of a player machine, and meetings with the evil monsters and devious villains.If you are interested in such an adventure - welcome!Their way through intricate tunnels, deserted streets and gloomy building, get the winner of numerous battles with the enemy.So ... get a lot of fun!If you like to solve puzzles along the way, find a way to open various doors - this genre of games for you.More than one hour of your time can take walking on an abandoned factory or raw catacombs.This is the time you spend having fun, and definitely not without pleasure.If you are already an adult tutor, and thrust to the games and did not pass - Feel free to start the game and enjoy the ride.Let the whole world wait, because everyone should relax, everyone has the right to personal time.Why spend it up to you.But as the wise man said: - "The best way to overcome temptation - is to succumb to it."Do not feel the desire to return to childhood defect, it is normal and a lot of fun.Let the time spent playing on our site leaves only pleasant memories, and will re-live the highlights of my childhood.

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