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Chip and Deil again to the rescue!

Many of us in the 90's watching cartoons from Disney, which was shown on the center channel every Sunday.They looked both children and adults.The kids love these cartoons, and for adults as they were a novelty, because the Soviet Union did not show anything.Among the special Disney cartoons popular Chip and Dale.This cute chipmunks, which were great scamp and always gets into some trouble.They usually get out of them all the same.In addition, they wanted to help others, so the animated series was called "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers."Whereas previously you could only watch their adventures on TV, you can now take part in them, together with Chip and Dale.The fact is that there are online games Chip and Dale, created based on the animated series.In these games, you control chipmunks.One of them - Chip.He is friendly, but also quite serious.Second - Dale.He just loves to have fun, so it is good-natured and a slacker.In these wonderful games that you can play on our site, you will find a lot of similar stories that were already in the animated series.But it's nice to once again experience the wonderful moments of your favorite TV series, especially because this time you yourself will be involved in them.As a rule, the game about Chip and Dale are in the category brodilok and adventure that is the Chipmunks need to travel from one level to another, breaking the path to it a variety of difficulties.Of course, will meet and villains, who dream to thwart the plans of Chip and Dale.In these enemies can throw anything that you will fall under the arm.For example, you can throw crates, fruit, and a number of other items.Get ready for that at the time of these games you will often vigorously press the keys, while thinking about how best to overcome some obstacle.With this game you can forget about boredom, because time just flies by her unnoticed.By the way, the main villain in the game is the fat cat and his allies.Defeating it is not so simple.But thwart his ingenious plans to robbing banks and local shops necessarily need.This mafia led by the evil cat might offend anyone, but Chip and Dale will always rush to help, and will not let anyone hurt because of their desire - to save the world.Also, when you start the game, you will be pleasantly surprised by the original music from the movie, which most people nostalgic.

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