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Liberators squad returns.

Among all the existing shooters, Brigadier main person shooter Counter-Strike, the most popular and hard to oppose him at least one game.No doubt there are decent and professionally by shooters, but Counter-Strike is still unrivaled.A situation where the opponents use the popularity of the product to their advantage, creating clones, adopting the idea has long been familiar.It works on the arm of the original version, making her the additional advertising and making a copy to compare with the original.But the by-products are for nothing, exploiting the fame of popular game, registering the tags sounding name.Today you can play Contra online in so many versions that fans of shooters sometimes get lost in the selection.There are even some that look like a mini version of Counter-Strike, offering a familiar landscape: dilapidated buildings, broken machines, yellow desert, stretching to the horizon, and from the pop-up ambush opponents.Also, I want to pay special attention to the old version for consoles with pixel graphics, modified for computers.For those who are familiar with this option, it's time to fall into nostalgia and remember all the stories that accompanied, good old counter.In this rpg shooter, you can fight forever.The process could last forever if it is not stopped, and it was said that if the pass game more than ten times in a row, the player in for a surprise.What no one knew it, but the legend credible and pushed guymerov on record.Of course, that's no surprise, was not, but that did not stop and continue to enjoy the action.Today, under the tag "counter", you will find options flash versions that offer their game ideas.The main goal is to destroy the enemy's Contra and the capture of enemy territory.As you can see, the story is the same intricate, but keeps the player on their toes and makes move on.Shootout begins with the first few seconds after launch and is the main occupation.Each destroyed enemy brings the player points, but your life is not endless.Play Contra possible not only on the ground, jumping on the levels, but also in the air.For example, as a parachutist descent must shoot the enemies that pop up at different heights of the shelters in the mountains.However, he has resorted to various tricks, such as the powerful propellers to blow you to the flight path.You also only available gun and a sharp eye.During the flight, you can pick up different items and weapons that have dropped dead at your hands the enemy soldiers.Similar stories can be listed for a long time.They are all in some degree of originality, but the main idea of ​​all is one.The result is important, as it is in agility, quick reaction, tactical movement and achieve the best result possible - loses a lot of enemies.What other great flash games - is the lack of blood at such a destructive program.Defeat or victory count when you or the enemy fell.This is purely a visual representation, without violence or gore.Play Contra love all men, regardless of age.They seated primal passion and desire to win.This possibility give rpg-shooter Contra, a version that can be involved just two players, give additional capacity to enjoy lively rivalry.We invite you to taste the game to collect for you on our web page.Come and see us again, and you will be pleasantly amazed at the new arrivals.

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