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Space online game that you will find in this section, in the best traditions of the genre, and offer a wide variety of themes and variations of gameplay.Fascination with the cosmos appeared since man first went to the stars.The world's first cosmonaut - Yuri Gagarin, started the dream of every boy to be the same.Not everyone managed to make children's imagination and those who never left the home planet, become fans of the genre of space fiction, reading books on this subject and enthusiastically watching all the new movies.The most popular so far enjoyed the saga "Star Wars", began to come out in theaters back in 1970 and is the brainchild of George Lucas - American director.Later, it served as an excuse to create by-products and events.For example, there was a religious movement "dzhedaizm" public dubbed the American project of the same name - "SDI - Star Wars" fan club staged role reconstruction, a new type of fencing - saberfayting and in film sub-genre of space fiction.Against this background, the emergence of a number of computer games on the subject seems quite natural.Space issues never cease to be popular.Space exploration is continuing, and at the moment we can not boast of the results.Much still remains beyond our achievements and understanding.Even statements about the aliens can not be proved, so, we still have a lot to learn.By playing online games space, we return a child's dream of conquering the sky.Even in such a simple form, but we give a sense of infinite space.Here you can choose the ship and become a space trader, pirate or a part of the battle fleet.Many missions, weapons, items and tasks will plunge you into a world of fantasy, where the meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence is as natural as with your neighbor on the landing.Negotiations, exchange of artifacts, research, a treaty of peace and war battles - all this is possible in the world of Star Wars.Choosing a game, you will make a lot of action, plot-related topics.Perhaps the mission to create its own world and its development will attract you.With this job you may well call himself God!Of small grains will not only create a new heavenly body and revive her life.Gradually developing and strengthening it, lift it up to a high level of development with an established economy, military bases, scientific and technical potential.And all of this will only charge you.Spaceships games offer a choice of becoming a pilot light or a transfer to a starship missile minesweeper.The war between the different units are not uncommon.You have to defend and attack, depending on the selected game and role.Opportunity to prove himself as a lone warrior or as part of a whole squadron also given a choice.And sometimes there is brave and fantastic idea when you can fly between the stars in the Superman costume.You will need to collect items in flight shot from the enemy, and perform other tasks.The game will be very fun and funny.Also you have to try to finish the construction of satellites in space.Astronauts use up all the stuff, and they do not have it, to finish the construction of the rest.Help them to get the details.Well, in another game, take part in the space race.

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