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There are things that make us certain associations. For example, darts - a wild west, cowboys, firing pistols, pubs, dance the cancan. In the films of the period of formation of liberty and laws in America, these elements are an integral part of the lives of ordinary people. Their favorite place - the taverns where they were going to companies, playing cards, drinking, shooting, and be sure to play darts. This game has a history of several centuries, and periodically changing. It appeared in the British Isles, and it came up with simple soldiers accidentally. Their favorite pastime was throwing short arrows to cut wood or empty barrel. Dry wood from permanent damage was blowing crack, forming divergent rays, which later formed the basis of modern layout. When plain fun was ordered to get features games, there were people who wanted to give it a more civilized form, equipping rules and equipment. A carpenter B. Gamlin from Lancashire in 1896 invented the layout that is familiar to us today. But because of darts is played in many countries, it is quite a long time there were different versions of the schemes. Today darts (from English darts) play in different countries, but the most popular, he enjoys in the UK, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the U.S.. This game is still easy to find in some of the bars, but now it is available for purchase in stores and sports among children's toys. And with the advent of computer games, dart games online thoroughly settled on the Internet and offer themselves in different forms. Realistic simulations exactly repeat the process and throw the dart must consider strength, direction and angle. Throw them in a round box that is placed on the wall and marked in some way to the sector. Highest scoring toss is hit in the center of the target - the apple. This diseased target brings fifty points, but other sectors have their price. Green field near the center of the target gives the player twenty-five points, thin outer ring multiplies all the numbers in the two sectors, but inwardly they are tripled. These rings are marked in red and green and it is considered to be the standard layout. If the dart was not kept on the target and fell or landed in the outer thin ring, the player will not receive any points. Each competitor has three attempts to make a successful throw, after which it passes to the next player. But in the darts game you can play with a bit of humor and risk. Some virtual action offer to tempt fate, tied to a rotating disk with a marking of a character and throw darts so that they did not get into it ... or hit - that's how you like. Something like you might see in a circus or an amusement park, where the magician throws knives into a rotating target with a person on it. For added excitement magician strikes up his eyes, and then the show gets intense. Flash games darts are not so dangerous and do not lead to injury, but will make it more gambling. There are also versions of pirated throwing darts or rabbit. For this same rabbit that looks scared toli toli very evil, we must first catch, then a good aim and run it in a moving target. In addition to classic varieties, there are games that does not particularly resemble darts as aim and hit have balloons or other items. The main task - to hit the target to earn your game points and move to the next task.

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