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It is surprising that with the help of simple deck of cards can come up with such a huge variety of entertainment.For example, the game Debertz, which was invented and became popular in the twentieth century.Now you can play online Debertz, and this is not much different from playing with the cards, because the player is competing with real partners.PC version Debertz rules are very similar to the classic, although, of course, can not convey the diversity of options and variations of the game.Play online can Debertz from two to four people.Initially dealt six cards, trump is determined and then each player receives three cards.That is the beginning of the party on everyone's hand is nine cards.Take a good look at their cards, players try to find in them certain combinations.They are three: tierce, when the player has three cards of the same suit in sequence, Debertz when there are four cards of the same suit, Bella, when gathered together trump queen and king.Available after the deal combinations are counted only one player and there are clear rules for who it will be.For example, count only the highest combination and if a player has two Tertz and another one Debertz will be counted as the last, and the player with Tertz points will not be added.If a player whose combination counted, would be not one set, and a few, then a certain number of points will each.Just the games begin with the first move - the player puts one of his cards on the table and all its partners must put the card of the same suit or trump.When done its move cards melded climb those who could put the most senior.Debertz can play for free online, but not to lose is not to forget that the cards in this game is not determined as in other card games.Here, the highest card nekozyrnoy suit - the ace, and then go: Ten, King, Queen, Jack, eight, seven.In the trump suit different seniority.Jack is the most valuable, followed by: nine, ace, ten, king, queen, eight, seven.Pick up the player cards are called the bribe and the more bribes received during the game, the more chances of winning in the game.Debertz online games offer the same system for determining the winner as the classic card game - with scoring.At the end of the party players consider their bribes.Each map brings a certain amount of points, they end up in a combination of bonuses and the last trick.The winner is the one who, after a few hands can dial 301 or 501 points, if you play more than two.Debertz play online without registration can be in this section of the site.

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