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Everyone is looking forward to a new year always.This is the festival of fun and gifts.Every kid is trying to be good for a year, so one fine winter's night under the tree to find a long-awaited gift from Santa Claus.All children love this hero tales and firmly believe that one day will be able to see it in person with his magic carriage and deer.The image of Santa Claus are very different in every corner of the planet, but his snow-white beard and mustache - a mandatory attribute of the New Year Santa Claus.If the window is not a single hint of snow, and the sun shines brightly and the trees are blooming, and you both want a winter fairy tale - playing Santa Claus for you.You have to help the hapless Santa Claus in all, it presents podrasteryal, the tube can not get through.In general, it is necessary to assist him in every way.With crayons you need to draw a path for the sled to my grandfather was able to collect their gifts and then take their babies.You will have to play as a deer, who helps Santa Claus get into the tube, because he had a seizure disease sharply fear of heights.You are waiting for fun adventures with your favorite hero of fairy tales.You will have to deliver gifts on a moped, as sled broke down or failed attempt to wake Santa Claus.Game is meant for more adult audience, although there is here and enjoy the games that children, for example, a dancing Santa Claus or tests that whichever of you out Santa Claus.Legends remain legends, online games give you a sense of celebration and pre-New Year rush.For adults there are games with amusing incident in Santa Claus.He is either drunk, or inadequate, but still pretty funny.Game with Santa Claus will raise your spirits and give you a good opportunity to relax.Play with friends, it is much more fun and interesting.Immerse yourself in the world of magic and snow, and he will zavlechet you to yourself.Playing Santa Claus include checking and care when the heap of different things you need to look for the lost gifts.For those who do not believe in Santa Claus, there are games that reveal the true nature of the New Year the old man, do not be surprised Santa Claus might Pushkin himself or Einstein.The game will allow you to have a good time and fun graphics will be good fit your mood.Let the adults never forgotten tales and remember what they believed children.Feel like a child, think, and what do you propose to Santa Claus for Christmas?Let all the dreams come true in the most magical night of the year, and Christmas mood will be with you throughout the year.

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