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Children's issues are not uncommon among computer gaming products.They often look especially girls, for whom taking care of the baby naturally occupation, embedded in them by nature.They are the main helpers for the mother when the family is born baby sister or brother.Playing with her friends fade away because the child needs constant care.But when the little brother grows up, he will become the best friend with whom you can share a secret or count on his help.In the meantime, he is helpless and in need of constant care, while caring for them can acquire the necessary skills for the future.But there is another opportunity to test himself in the role of caregiver, nannies and governesses - playing games for girls kindergarten.These professions are humane.But often there are people who have chosen to lightly this path and were random people in the professional field.They can not give the children of the affection, warmth and education that are necessary during the formation of the personality.This phenomenon is, unfortunately, very common.To find out whether you can be patient and empathetic with children are invited to test their strength in a game.Games kindergarten offers a wide variety of subjects.As charges may act quite yet babies who need to carry from place to place, change their diapers, bottle feed, bathe in the bath, lay in bed and offer rattles.But there will be those who know how to crawl.It is for these brats have eyes and the eyes.These restless all the time sprawl.Just gather them together when something interesting caught the attention of another toddler, and he crawls on you.Games begin slowly, giving you time to get used to, but then the rate increases and instead of one ward, you have three, five, ten.They all want something and ask.To be a good teacher, you must quickly respond to the wishes of kids and meet their needs, without waiting for the loud roar.In games with economics, you will gradually improve the conditions of the kindergarten, buying new furniture, carpets and appliances.Do not forget to decorate the interior nice gadgets and buy a toy.There is a game where you have to look after the monsters.These kids do not miss and his need to be a real witch, so they do not get angry.But for the good work you will be paid and still be invited.Earn virtual capital, as a real nurse.Before tot get to their families, care for them storks on special factory for the production of children.They need to be sorted out at the boys and girls, as long as they go to the tape, changing diapers, feeding, give the toy.Then bathe in the bath and put to bed.When the child is happy, he is willing to meet with parents.How to manage the children for a couple of hours of play toys scattered around the house, is not known.But the fact remains, and therefore, while the baby sleeps, you have to go through a maze of toys and putting them in its place in different rooms so that when your ward is awake, he was not upset by the fact that he can not find your favorite bunny.To feed the children in the kindergarten, the chefs must cook a lot of useful baby food.Do not always have all the ingredients, and equipment breaks down sometimes.But you can not explain to hungry children that are having temporary difficulties.They want to eat, then have to get out.That's it, and you prefer to use a version of the game.

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