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Diego game and Dasha

Today's virtual world takes into account not only the interests of gamers, but also takes care to players of any age could find for themselves the interesting and useful products.Now often seen as a parent and a young child sitting at different computers and have fun, play games and interesting to them.Go into oblivion times when kids restricted to communicate with the computer, fearing that his products will have a negative impact on their fragile psyche.Today, many headings offer games where kids can not only entertain, but also for them to acquire useful knowledge.Games Diego and Dasha are just such toys, offering young people to learn the basics of mathematics, grammar, and even learn English.They contain other elements such as the development of logic, attention and reaction.These two characters familiar to children to animated films and therefore had grown to love, and what is familiar, is of interest.It is always interesting to talk with the heroes, the adventures that you've seen.The possibility to take their stories directly involved in the perceived "Hurrah."Not the last role and design of gaming product.Bright colors, soft music, children's voices characters - all this makes the game more attractive.During game play children are encouraged to address the examples, substitute the letters in the word, to give the right answer to this question and other tasks.Of learning games also assists in the training - this was seen for a long time and has been successfully applied in practice.To move to the next stage of the game, children have to find the right answer, or do not know the continuation of the story.Games Diego and Dasha on diverse subjects.The girls would be happy to prepare meals in the kitchen and pick up virtual outfit for the characters.A drive on the machine, collecting hearts, coins, and other items will appeal to all.Together with four-legged friends, Dasha (aka Dora), will ride a bike, moped or car, collecting tasty bananas.Each new level is complicated, but this is the positive aspect - it is necessary to be attentive and responsive to the changing environment.Fairy tales offer to join the celebration of Halloween.Dasha now straddled the broom and cuts on her through the night sky.Gradually her strength melt and to continue the flight, it is necessary to collect the magic potion that will give her strength.But Diego has decided to work for the noble city and a tractor ride through the streets, clearing it of debris.Now you can not only ride on machines, but also to perform the specified action.Decorating can be anything - a garden room, objects.In one of the game is to collect Dasha wrist watch from different parts to get a beautiful accessory.In Rhythm Dasha constantly changes its look and act different roles.The image of the teacher, fairies, princesses, witches, nurses, pirates it very well.Coloring books and puzzles are fun for the children and many of them are colorful pictures for collecting and painting.But the quest - it is a difficult task.You've got to not only find items and use them in the right place to open the doors, chests, cabinets, and find in them the next thing that will indicate the future direction.Find the differences in the pictures will help develop observation.Identical-looking images, yet different and challenge kids to find all these discrepancies.Give your child the opportunity to develop fun, and you will see positive results very soon.

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