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Step back into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs.

One of the mysteries of mankind is the extinction of the dinosaurs, which are millions of years ago, the predominant view of the planet Earth.Imagine a very, very long time on this planet was not tall skyscrapers, neither the state nor the President, nor weapons, and no high-tech devices.And there were only a giant-sized creature that lived on our planet and try to survive here.This fact creates a lot of guesses and conjectures.Did dinosaurs mind, at least a little close to the men?Why did they become extinct?Can they re-emerge on the planet, even after many years?What will people do when the world will once again inhabit the huge monster?On a topic already created numerous films, and, of course, online games about dinosaurs.One of the most popular games on this topic are games based on the movie Jurassic Park.Plot grossing film from Steven Spielberg is that the rich man and the professor managed to persuade scientists paleontologists to come to him on the island, where the rich man built himself relic park.In this park live prehistoric dinosaur that should be the main highlight of the program for the attraction, which is scheduled this rich man.Before the opening of the attraction left quite a bit, but as a result of storm rainfall turned out that these dinosaurs were on the outside.And on the outside, they act according to their instincts - kill all living things, and especially people.How's that for a story?I wonder how man get out of this situation?Then rather play a game about dinosaurs, most of which are created based on this remarkable film.There is a more harmless toys of these prehistoric animals.For example, simple coloring, in which so love to play with small children.They only need to paint a variety of dinosaurs.And after all of these animals are many: plateozavry, anhizavry floating megalneuzavry, predatory tyrannosaurs ... Scientists discovered many subspecies of dinosaurs and small children are very curious about each of them.Coloring the most fun way to learn about it.There are also other harmless game arcades, where you will manage a dinosaur that will roam and get into various adventures.As you can see, not always trying to portray dinosaurs as monsters who only think about how to kill and eat everything.Choose those games that you prefer!

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