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marvelous garden teen

Dream to get an inheritance or a gift in the form of an old family mansion, are cherished by many.Now imagine that your true and you were notified that they have become the owner of a large house with a huge garden!You make plans, as we will live in such a beautiful location, invite friends, swim in the pool and picnic.Your imagination has painted a rosy picture, but when you come to the place, your enthusiasm disappears in a flash.Now you see the fuzzy dilapidated house and dying garden.For many years, no one had them, and now they are pathetic.Just to live in it, forgetting to hold social events, you need to roll up our sleeves and bring the estate in order.But even on a preliminary assessment it is clear that the money for this should be a lot, and you do not.But Austin Butler, who works there for many years, had placed great hopes on you, waiting for the new owner will return the former grandeur of this place.Well, let's not disappoint him, but above all, prove to yourself that you will always be able to get out of a difficult situation and get out of bankruptcy.We invite you to play online marvelous garden, where you can show itself in different roles.You'll have to be entrepreneurial flair, skill connect hostess, designer and antique dealer.The house is a mess of scattered things.Rooms in the house a lot, but they are all cluttered.But among the things often come across valuable ancient specimens that are in demand among connoisseurs, collectors.However, in order to find them, will have to remove the mountain of useless things.You have a lot of work, and because you do not cool off, the game is at the time.Finding something valuable see which of your neighbors are interested in this subject, and sell it for more.Selling different items, you can save some finances for the repair and refurbishment of the dwelling and the garden itself.Among the things you will come across a coin.They should not be ignored.Even a small change will accumulate in your wallet and make additional capital for acquisitions of necessary things.At a time is difficult to conduct a thorough inspection of rooms and so you will periodically return to them for new things.And to make the task easier for you, you will have an assistant.Found the camera flash will highlight the desired object by selecting it on a white background.Some items will vibrate if they navesti kursor.There is a thermometer that responds fever, if you picked the right things to close.If on the contrary - have moved away from it far enough, it will go down to the scale of the boxes "cold."The virtual store will feature items that you can buy.They specify the price, and you can navigate to it, knowing your financial situation at the time.Do not worry if you lack the funds to beautiful expensive things.First, let it be more simple, but you continue to make money.Later, when you have a quite a lot of money, you can sell the original purchase and instead install a different, more expensive item.Marvelous garden play online a lot of fun, because it allows their imagination guide the regeneration of such a vast territory.In the garden, a lot of space and you can install fountains, a swimming pool, sculpture, gazebo, lights and benches.Many green spaces return the garden splendor of color and return him young.Select the direction of style and start to work.

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