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This column offers to join all fans domino - this ancient dice game that unites generations.Can still be found in the park on a bench clogging "goat", but this phenomenon is becoming history, as today features allow to play dominoes online, without having to leave home in the rain and every time.Domino refers to gambling and logic games.But even so widespread leaves room to know him more.After all, history is not the appearance of the game is known to all, but very interesting.For example, few people know that there are versions of where the name "Domino."One version has it that black and white carnival clothes and caused the name of the game.But we must remember that the attire for the carnival came to the idea of ​​raincoats Dominican Friars - black capes with hoods on the white dress.Deconstructing the name, then note that the "domino" comes from the root «dominans», which means - the main, dominant, and in the Catholic Mass begins with a prayer: «Dominus vobiscum» (in translation - the Lord, nor forsake you.)There is even a bold conjecture that the dominoes invented the monks themselves and coded it home organization system of the universe - the laws of harmony of all things.But it seems more plausible view that the dominoes originated in China and India.That is where the love of fun with dice game spawned familiar to us, but when you look at the Chinese dominoes we will see that there are no empty blocks, and the points on the chips of red and white.When in the XVIII century, the game was brought to Italy, it evolved.Also, the current view is for two tiles connected together dice - two dice combinations together in a domino.The game, to which we are accustomed to, has a set of twenty-eight tiles.Each feature is divided in half and has a different set of pixels from one to six.There is also an empty hand or whole blocks - they do not have points.Can play two, three or four players.Rent for two to eight bones, for more members to five, and the rest are sent to the reserve.Opens the game on hand chips "six-take" or "double-zero" - (6-6 or 0-0).The other players will have to substitute your bones to the ones on the table so that they fit on the value (number of pixels).In the absence of bones, they are taken from the reserve.If the opening game is not mentioned takes, you can start with a smaller, for example, five-five, and so on.If not, then in turn they go close to them values ​​- 6-5.The game comes to an end when the end bone of one of the participants or put "fish", which blocks further opportunity to play - the remaining bones of the hands are not suitable for the value that on the table.In this case, victory goes to the one who has less than all points.Play dominoes online can be in various forms, among which are long familiar to you - "goat", "goat-General '(also known as" The General ")," sea goat "," donkey "," Checheve "(man is a wolf - CHCHV ).We have already got used to these names and stopped focusing on them, but how they are strikingly different from those that occur among the options eastern Domino: "Jumping gazelles", "carnation in a fog", "Enter the pagoda."Choose a familiar version of dominoes, or want to learn a new thing, stay on our game web resource.You will definitely find interesting option.Search for partners is not a problem - has long been a popular domino fun and play it with pleasure.

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