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Very large role of educational games in the lives of modern children.Even in Russia, parents are starting to listen to what child psychologists advise.Now many people are not used to teach children the Soviet methods "you have to learn, because we need", and use the ability of children to an exciting game to assimilate many useful materials.Therefore, parents should understand that the child as soon as possible to learn to read, write, count and learn English words, is to show him a series of games with Dora.Dora games online are created based on the popular educational cartoon for children.This wonderful cartoon already managed to win the love not only in children but also their parents.Kids loved it because it is very funny, fun and informative, and the parents love it for the fact that their children show a phenomenal success after watching this cartoon and after they play games Dora.Parents love that their child can now boast of success and intelligence.Millions of children have loved the girl Dora, who tells them a lot of interesting and useful things.Incidentally, the Russian version of the name is Dora, Dasha, and many know this cartoon called "Dasha traveler" or "Dasha tracker."Children watching as Dora travels with his faithful companions, namely speaking Card and backpacks.During his travels, Dora gives English lessons to children, says a lot about the nature and teaches them to read and write.In game development involved professional teachers!After the games with Dora the children will learn a lot of new and interesting things!By the way, the computer game meant even more involved in their child than cartoons.When you view the cartoon, the lazy child can not perform the job, which he said Dora, and to view, the games do not work.Until you have finished, the child does not know what will happen.About what the job needs to be done, the child will not learn from the words at the bottom of the monitor, and the words of Dora, which will communicate directly with the child, to play this exciting game.Dora also always help, when suddenly a child needs help with a task.Games along with the good girl Dora really interactive, and their rhythm never let your child miss.Child's vivid imagination allows him to believe that he really helps my favorite character!

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