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The confrontation between the neighbors was the subject of jokes and comedy films, and also gave an idea for a computer game in which the player is trying every way nadokuchat their virtual neighbors.He can do a lot of ways.For example, put the spider in the bed or hide a trap in an unexpected place, glued to the floor mat or angering your beloved pet, so he started to rush to the owner.How to get a neighbor to play now you can with different subjects.For example, there is a game in which a country boy trying to survive in their village rich man who built a huge mansion.Controlling this pest, a player can go to the luxury of a millionaire's mansion and prepare there any tricks.Can he hide the wheel of his expensive SUV or confusing wiring to wealthy zapped by contact with innocent subjects?You can also download the game and no millionaire, but just incredibly harmful to a neighbor, who by his ill-tempered alienated the whole neighborhood.The hero of this entertainment may vary delicious cream on the shaving cream, put in the beginning of the stairs slippery banana peel and stick rotten eggs in the microwave.It is important that a neighbor had caught him "in the hot".Very interesting version of bullying its neighbors - this is the story of a student dormitory.The main character got intolerable neighbor and he has two weeks to survive him from the room.This option can be arranged at least malicious mischief - cut the wire mouse spoil TV.Neighbours from playing online as you can.There are mini-games, which feature the same theme bullying neighbors.For example, the hero is at a neighbor's fence and threw it across different subjects.Heavy items such as rocks, logs, car battery, fly into the house.They smash windows, destroy the outer lining.Lightweight but very nasty items like rotten fish, rotten tomatoes, throw in the face of a neighbor.Games like to get a neighbor 3 counts all the damage.There is a separate scale building strength and moral fortitude neighbor.If any of them goes to zero, the game will switch to a new level.But exactly the same performance and is the hero, because the most likely to fall victim to the antics of the neighbors.Flash games for each successful throw may accrue bonus points.They spent on the purchase of additional items that will be more effective to destroy a house or annoy neighbors.Play as Neighbours 2 - is a more accurate solution than to quarrel with their actual neighbors.It is better to let off steam in the computer fun and maintain friendly relations with all other people.

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