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In the movie "Pinocchio" Tortoise Cakes sang a song, which had the line: "Fighting for?So fight!".If we are positive and endowed with the wisdom of years of Heroes calls for it, the fight game for two and even more so are the product that is worthy of attention.I was particularly attracted to them, so it is possible to combine the virtual world and live communication.It is always nice to have someone to share the experience and opinion of the unfolding events, past stage and most exciting gameplay nuances.Plots of these games provide a choice to work together and fight for a common idea or become enemies and act against each other.Becoming minded, you can participate in joint operations fighting the enemy's attack and reflect together.Covered rear inspire confidence and increase the chances of survival.Military themes rather confidently walked through the games of this direction, and offers many ideas of events.In addition you can choose Control soldier or military equipment to any model.Mini games are also noteworthy, though smaller in its simplicity simulators.But diversity can deliver far more experience and more often played to move from one game to another.Combat sports game for two fights - one more fun option.This is often sparred in the ring - boxing, karate, judo, sumo, and others.Sometimes a fight is with aids-related sport - nunchuck, sabers, swords, sticks, foils or just ordinary objects came to hand.Even classic martial arts can carry an element of fantasy or fairy tales.Panda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Naruto, just cows and other characters specialize in a double battle.Put the cows boxing gloves, send them to the ring, and you will see how good-natured animal, which you generously poilo fresh milk, curds fed with sour cream, now turned into a wild beast and furious charge at the enemy with all the aggression.What to say about cows, even if the gods, elves, gnomes, robots and all sorts of monsters took to the platform to compete.In their arsenal there are techniques not only normal, but superpowers, and this is a totally different level.Imagine star wars that are taking place between the galaxies.Alien beings from different planets have magnetic, sizzling, freezing, flammable and other powers.When armed with the laser are disintegrating and lightsabers, you have to be a real super hero to win the fight.Fighting with swords reveal to us the medieval era, where reigned the spirit of chivalry.Protection of their land from the enemy, defending the honor and fight for the heart of a beautiful lady, demanded great courage and a willingness to die for his ideas at any time.In the iron and heavy armor brave knights were very slow, but in our games, they demonstrate real agility, tumbling over her head, jumping on the levels and making other difficult tricks.That period of history is full of legends and tales, in which part of the anti-hero played a winged dragon.To kill such a monster was not easy, and only brave heart could win.And who do you want to be in this fight?Fire-breathing serpent, or a brave knight?

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