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So many people are attracted to such creatures like dragons.They can be found in a variety of works of fantasy genre, in many films, and, of course, in fairy tales.Huge fire-breathing monsters invented long ago.It is quite possible that once they actually existed.Of course, their existence has not been proven, but almost all the peoples of the ancient world there is mention of dragons.All of them have stories that they can fly, they like to accumulate gold and spewing flames.These mythological creatures induce fear and terror not only civilians, but even on the heroes and warriors.Fire-breathing dragons that could close their wings the sky, and soon had several heads, became a hero not only epic and fantasy, and computer games.To date, the game dragons are very popular, because, despite the fact that in our age invented thousands of other characters, no one forgets about the good old dragons.On our site you will find a variety of games about dragons.Sometimes they need to win them all and cut off his head.And sometimes, the dragons are your friends, and they help you to perform any task.Often with the help of these creatures can burn buildings, and sometimes whole cities!Also popular game where you play the role of themselves dragon!It is not necessary to sum tribe dragons - to burn enemies with laughter!Also worth mentioning the existence of games that offer the unusual ability of these creatures.For example, not everyone knows that the mythology of Chinese dragons had the ability to turn into other creatures, including humans, and also has a variety of magical abilities, including telepathy, and could distinguish almost all illusions.Not surprisingly, in the east of the dragons are still considered a symbol of wisdom.The creators of this game have not forgotten, and gave the Dragons even more unexpected abilities!With these games are more fun and interesting!Quite often in these games boys play.However, girls are also sometimes go into these games.Especially if these girls are not afraid of the dragons utaschat them to distant lands and zatochat them to the castle for years.However, there are games, and with such a plot.Prince to come galloping on a white horse in the distant castles, and cut off all the heads of the dragon.In general, you should definitely enter the world of the fairy kingdom, inhabited by dragons, along with the games on our site!All the games we are free, and they can play all day!

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