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Have you ever wanted to build a city?Or become the president of the whole country?Maybe you do not give sleep laurels Mark Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, or the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which from the ruined and devastated post-war Germany created the strongest economy in Europe?Or maybe you just adore to plan every detail, consider the finer nuances you like the economic puzzles and multi-level moves?You love to think through their actions on a number of steps forward and aspire to something global?In any case, the economic strategy of the game - this is exactly what you need to escape, relax and at the same time to practice the ability to think logically.In economic strategies target the task of game is to create and improve a city's infrastructure or the whole nation.First, you come up with what you want to achieve, and then plan, its several moves ahead, and then begin to create your own city.Step by step, considering every detail, linking very different walks of life, as manufacturing, logistics, and infrastructure.You do not need to wage war, this game is not to win or lose, because in economic strategies need to succeed in the development of its own economy, ranches, farms, cities, or even the whole country.To do this in the correct pattern to develop the economy and make money by selling those products and goods that you produce.Do not forget about the economic laws, following which, you will surely succeed.Such economic strategy games are well represented various game developers.You can always find something for the soul.You can build your own ranch, or a New York, for example.Or maybe you want to go the way of economic development in England or with their hands to make the Japanese economic miracle.The choice is yours, but you can be sure - you are sure to find a game to your liking.If you're a quiet spirit, you enjoy spending a few hours, developing strategy for the city or the country, you are attentive to detail, like predicting the result of his actions, such economic strategy game for you.They are like chess, where the main role is played by the mind, patience, prudence and ability to think ahead.Also, playing in such an economic strategy, you'll be much better to understand what and why is happening in the real economy, and this knowledge will be valuable to you.

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