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The emo subculture has long ceased troubling contrast to its adult attractiveness.Comparing with many other informal groups, emo is one of the most innocuous, clearly defined, and therefore popular, especially among girls.Naturally, our own strange interpretation of the philosophy of the world, an unusual, eye-catching clothes, the manner of conduct of emo can not be indifferent relatives, but most often it is the likeness of the game, because it is for teenagers, especially, the way of self-assertion, the ability to somehow stand out a little bit crowd.Emo is a method of self-expression, and what is the most effective tool to stand out?Of course, these are the different outfits and clothing.Experiments with the appearance - the need for many women and girls.But how to make sure that this caused the least harm?For this there are multiple games for girls emo, and in this way well cope with this task emo dress.The most famous type of game for girls - "dress" - the most common and simple.For a start they provided doll mannequin and a full set of tools for image formation: different headgear, hairstyles, jewelry, clothing, and everything is all in the emo culture (the predominance of pink and black, long bangs fell over one eye, let down black eyes and a sad look).Girl can dress the doll to your liking.The second option provides only the general outline, and a player not only puts the doll template, but also selects the type and expression, makeup, piercings, and so the presence ofd.The third option is given figure, the maximum close to the stature of a real person.This game will give the opportunity not only to use the full range of mechanically supplied arsenal, but the creative use of, creating something new.Obviously, such an emo Dress not only fully satisfies the need to "go deep" in the emo subculture, but also develops the artistic taste, imagination, sense of style, which, no doubt, will be useful not just the fair sex, when they graduate from high school and older.In a particular way, puberty, called adolescence, experiencing every girl and boy, so it was important to be able to without much pressure, gently help him safely through this period of time.Such, in fact, innocent games for girls like emo makeup and emo dress can be a means of support.

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