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The world of show business has always been and will remain attractive to ordinary people. When looking at the stars from the TV screen, and their life is full of fun, endless holiday, adventure, bright colors, music, clothes, luxury, visibility and recognition, mutual love. And the last thing comes to mind that these are only fragments of the life of celebrities, show the audience, but at the scene are the rehearsals and other everyday scenes. We only see the end result of heavy and hard work over his career and look for actors, musicians, singers and dancers. Not all of them have outstanding appearance and on their way constantly working stylists, beauticians, makeup artists, nutritionists, therapists, doctors and trainers. Their attraction and reason for alignment on them - this is the work of many professionals who are beyond our vision. And in order to reveal the secret of transformation, we suggest that you play with celebrities, in which you will be able to participate in creating the image of any movie stars and singers. Everyone has their idols, and because computer products offer to choose their celebrity to join the mysterious world zaekrannoy life. Army of stars you'll see all kinds of people familiar to you by TV series, feature films and even animation. All they are waiting for their turn to get to your appointment at hair salon, clothing, make-up and tattoo studio. They love me, and come before his many fans in a new form, hitting their creativity and originality. Playing free games celebrity, you can come up with their own styles to them and images. At the hairdresser you have complete freedom - to change the color of hair, long hair curled into ringlets or collect them in an elaborate hairstyle, cut bangs hairstyle or create a model. For this task in a virtual salon has everything you need - shampoo, styling foam and coatings, gels, balms, lotions, and different shades of paint, brushes, hair dryers, curling or straightening hair. Star hairdresser - a place for unbridled creativity, where you have a lot of opportunities to reach their potential. Make up works wonders. It allows you to visually adjust unsuccessful natural features and fix the eyes, nose smaller, augment the lips, give symmetrical oval face. With a special make-up so you can change the appearance of that person will become unrecognizable. This is a real art, which is valued in the environment of show business, and learn it for years, investing a lot of money for tuition. We also offer a celebrity game for free, you will feel the beauty and get the first lessons of magic. Special attention are games where the wardrobe opens scope for dressing up. There certainly is, and where to turn to demonstrate their understanding of fashion and style. And because celebrities always have in stock a unique new items from famous designers, every time they appear in public in a new guise, still amaze her. Celebrity dress up games online - it's just a storehouse for variations and reincarnations. Evening dresses, costumes for movies and casual clothing sitting on a perfectly stellar figures. Throw in a little jewelry, straight from the tin manicure, correct hair and makeup, and you can safely go to the scene, a date, a disco, a journey, a gym or a regular walk.

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