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Online farm games differ from other flash games in the first place so that they play mostly adults.No, and the children, of course, love them, but the adults are unique in that they rarely even play.In any of today's popular social networking site, you can find at least a few games about farming.And each of them recorded a bunch of people, among whom there are people over 50.How can we explain the popularity game?Literate public relations, or various promotions to attract players?No, this is not important.PR and advertising are important of course, but they do not make this game so popular.The game itself makes himself such.Farm porn movie impresses the fact that when you read the description of the game, all described the charm, you will not be disappointed by what they saw.It often happens that in the description of the game and the story promises, and the graphics and gameplay, and as a result we get, at best, just one thing, and that with flaws.Play Farm interesting to all, since there is no need to delve into the story, understand the complex management, to solve puzzles.And do not think that is a minus game, no.On the contrary, this game and valuable, and that is why it has won so many fans.It's funny when you see how a middle-aged man, with a child writes admiringly about his achievements in the game, asks for help, or even just spend time on it.Call at least one more game, which could boast of such a "motley" audience of players.In the game farm game becomes even more interesting when you have a lot of neighbors.And it's not like in real life, when the neighbors are often in trouble.Conversely, in this game, the neighbors can not hurt you, can only help.Cut excess trees, pull out the weeds, the harvest, that he is not spoiled, to help with the construction of a shed or barn, feed your animals, and many, many things.Games online for free farm, you can find on our site.If you are not familiar with this game, did not know of its existence, or just heard about it - play it, you yourself will be surprised at how you will delay the game.This game is suitable even for those who are not interested in farming, agriculture, horticulture.Grow pets, collect a rich harvest, expand their possessions - all this will be interesting, especially if you play with your friends, and you have someone to compete with.After all, the spirit of competition, makes any game interesting at times, not allowing forget it.At the farm you can not only grow pets, but also acquire the fantastic, such as unicorns.There are variations of the game, where with the help of science, you can engage in the cultivation of plants themselves, to grow brand new, for nothing like vegetables or fruits.Opportunities offered by the game, you can enumerate a very long time, but it would be better to just go, and see firsthand.Especially because all of this for free.

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