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Simulator with a lot of the economic component, but this quality can boast, not all products.Modern players have seen a lot in the vast Internet, so surprise and attract their attention can only the best games, skillfully combining a pleasant image, music and voice, exciting plot, volume graphics, intuitive interface and easy to understand gameplay.Agree - boring person half an hour to learn the settings, to delve into the intricacies of management and deal with what is required of him at all.I want to immediately dive into the process, intuitively guessing the next step.It is with such ease you will encounter, and came to play Farmerama online.The book contains all the above requirements and you will be very pleased to see not only a high quality product that meets the requirements of the modern gamer, but some features of the game that set it apart from many similar.Easy, but it is quite obvious humor gives Fermarame distinctive flavor and fills her personality.Now it is not one of the mass games for farm subjects, and original product with a unique style.This exciting game allows brauzerskaya Fermerama to play online, enjoy the atmosphere of the village, where there is more order.This is not idle to raise the dust of urban roads - there must cultivate the land, if you want to succeed and prosper.That usually have to do farmer?- To grow crops and breed cattle.But do not forget that the plants growing on a farm, it's not grass, which grows by itself.They require special care in order to get a good harvest.Timely watering, weeding the weeds, fertilizer - that will guarantee success.Animals also do without you can not and they have to feed, pasture, clean up after them in a timely manner to cut wool from sheep, milk cows and collect eggs in the nests.Picking the fruits of their labors, go with them to market or sell to neighbors, and used the money to raise the technological level of their virtual farm and buy new seeds of plants and animals.In addition, the game built all sorts of logical problems that will have to periodically take place.This is somewhat diversify your routine work and make the gameplay more interest.Animals on the farm look pretty funny.They can hardly be called a classic farm livestock.It is rather cute little animals with big eyes and emotional expression.They are happy being on your farm and frolicking under the warm sun, plucking the juicy grass.Even the beds with vegetables look like something fun, like they enjoy opportunities and grow it in your yard.The gameplay of the game is simple, and play Fermarama a snap.Managing events and processes with the aid of a computer mouse, you will achieve considerable heights in the agricultural business.And when the farm gain scale, and you will not be ashamed to show it to your friends, do it with screenshots and put on his blog.Before you start in Fermarama play, you have to know that the story has some special features.The third level gives you access to the market where you trade, but there are still steps that bring some benefits.At the same third level rhubarb note - it will enhance your experience, but at the Eighteenth should grow plums.Playing in Fermaramu, show that urban residents will be able to become a successful farmer.

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