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For farm theme created many different games in their plot by the overarching idea.And still like each version carries that flavor, which gives them a new meaning."Funny Farm" accommodates moments simulator, arcade, puzzle and economic strategy.This game was released by the studio Alawar Entertainment in 2007 and won the fans quickly.Like most casual games, the management is done by the computer and the mouse is not difficult.This product has several series, which makes it even more attractive.Process Farm Frenzy 4 continues the idea of ​​the previous versions and offers feel like a real owner of the land sector.To turn the unsightly area into a thriving farm, we had a lot of effort and start from scratch.Grow grass, which is food for birds carrying eggs.Water the grass, so it does not dried up, but remember that water is not free.Sale of eggs will bring you some profit, which you will get what you need for the development of the site.Besides equipment, the purchase of animals and birds will bring you new products and profits.Is not without complications, and your cattle can attack ferocious predators.To prevent the loss, catch them and put into the cells, and then sent to the market, where you can get for them a good coin.In the capture of wild animals, too, have their own characteristics - if not send the cell to the warehouse, and it will remain standing on the site of its predator broken and break out into the open, so try not to delay the release of space for storage.To collect eggs and harvest, click them in italics.If you delay, they will disappear from the board.The collected goods piling up in the warehouse, but there is limited space, so the catch to send the product to the market.So, you fill up your cash account and free storage for other products.For funds buy equipment, build buildings and make the purchase of seeds, sprouts and animals.Select the building will help you to produce the relevant products: egg processing plants in the powder preparation, bakeries, warehouses and others.Developing your business, you will become a magnate farmers.To move to the next stage of the game, you have to perform tasks in the current - to buy a certain number of animals or birds, collect from them the required number of eggs, cut off so much hair, make supplied sum of money and so on.During Frenzy 4 game online you have established your business, visit five countries and will be able to lead the Farmers Union.For fans of the simulator will be pleased to know the farm that went out the official addition to the basic version of Farm Frenzy 3 games online.In American Pie Scarlett gets the news that her grandmother can not pay its debts, and now risks losing the ranch.The goal - to earn enough money to pay the debt to the bank.In the Ice Age Scarlet buys a farm and established businesses in the Arctic Circle.It is a manufacturer of ice cream, souvenirs, and helping to organize Santa Claus New Year.Continuing - Russian Roulette, things are moving in the Wild West and the Arctic.Here you will have to produce food for astronauts to extract oil and build spaceships.But in Madagascar, you'll breed of African wildlife species.Farm Frenzy games online - a mass of fascinating stories, some of which you have already described the game Farm Frenzy 3.

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