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If millions of people are asking the question, what is the most popular game in the world, most will say - football.Millions of fans regularly watch their favorite teams that are fighting for the title of the country, or for winning the Champions League, or just trying to get to the top flight.When starting the World Cup, where come the best players in the world, millions of football fans forget about all their affairs in order to enjoy an interesting match and cheer for their team.During the World Cup the most popular TV channels in prime time shows exactly football games, instead of the usual talk show with the news.You should not be surprised, because football unites millions of people, and play the game at the amateur level in almost every yard.The electronic version of soccer games that you can play on our site - it's great fun for all the fans of this game.Only the computer version of the game will allow you to go on the field with the team stars!You will be able to help her win the title or other trophy!Football fans will agree that while watching the match everyone wants to feel like a star game and the idol of millions, which is able to beat half the players of the opposing team and score the winning goal!Begin to play football for free online, and you will have the opportunity to fulfill your dream.Though only virtually.Some football games can create a player's career.You start playing with the minor leagues and then, gradually, from year to year to move in a better team, and improve their football skills.In the end, you have to reach the rank of the best soccer player in the world!Of course, to achieve such a title, will have to go through many difficulties.But it's worth it!However, when you start to play football online for free, do not forget that the competitors do not sleep, and in the team of your opponents are also very many football stars who will do anything to win your team.Among other things, there are other online football games, where you need not to play for any team, but simply more precise than all punching a penalty kick.Some people like to beat the penalty is much more than take part in the match.Additionally, you can not only play or hit penalty, but punching a free kick or a corner kick train.A computer version of football offers a variety of opportunities.

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