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Online games are designed for two people in the first place for those who have strong competitive spirit. This is a great opportunity to take your time and get together with a hefty dose of adrenaline. Of all categories of games for two online games - perhaps the most numerous. Here, certainly no one will leave hurt, everyone will find something for everyone. Even the most fastidious ... For those who like to play online games for two our site offers a variety of genres. The first is, of course, the classic game. The main game of the genre for many years remained Tetris. There is probably not a single person who has not tried his hand at this game. By itself, the game is quite fun, in a two-player mode is truly unmatched. Tetris of flash games for two - a huge variety of options, with different interfaces and complexity. Classic is traditional, but not lost popularity "tic - tac-toe" and "Battleship." In the same style of "Bomberman" and "Tankzors". Classic is always dynamic and exciting players. In addition there are many other genres. A great place in the category of the game for 2 players occupy logic games. This puzzles, graphics or math. Or action games that require logical thinking. Often in these games need to work together to reach the next level. That is, they are not always based on rivalry, sometimes they need a team game. One of these games is known quest "Fire and Water", the game is complicated, requiring teamwork partners. Many see the game on the two sports. Among them there are team sports - football, basketball, volleyball, where players will have to play again in tandem. For individuals, there are other sports where everyone is responsible for themselves. This is bowling, curling, billiards. You can play checkers, chess or backgammon. In this category you will find sports archery and running, not only horses, but also ostrich. Several games are separate fights, races, all sorts of high-speed racing. They also have an audience. It is impossible not to remember the original games that do not fall into either category. These games include a game of "who will drink more." The winner is the one who has time for a limited time, enjoy a large variety of drinks (virtual, of course). Games for a two on one computer - is a fun and exciting pastime! In the two games can be played for free on this site!

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