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Quite impossible to understand people who do not like cats.How can you not be touched by these soft, fluffy pranksters?See how they frolic, run after a ball or a toy mouse, somersault, jump, and in their little eyes light gambling.And what they have pretty attractive face!They are fun in any condition, even when sleeping.Cats are smart, neat.This is a natural born hunters, although in urban areas need to procuring food they have.They often appeared in films and on them create animated films.And to emphasize the feline character, the character makes a certain color - black have always been associated with assertiveness, strength of character, self-affirmation, uncompromising and sometimes aggression.To make the cat more sweet, kind and naive, it is most often portrayed white.But all of the cunning, inventors and the Dodgers are usually red in color.Where fear prevents go ahead, come up red ruse to circumvent the risk side, but to get his.And if they are pulled off the table, and chop them in this caught, they will wiggle out, saying they simply wanted to hide it from flies.This is the red-haired rascal named Garfield is the master of this column.He was born in 1978 in the pages of comics, and after ten years it took off animated series and several individual cartoons.2004 to give the audience a full-length feature film "Garfield", and since then, occasionally, new cartoon series, continuing the adventures of a lazy red, but very funny cat.Garfield 2 games are a natural extension of the story.For kids created a lot of game products in which they can develop, learning useful things and acquiring the necessary skills along with Garfield.You all know how cats are partial to playing with a ball and a ball.The game of football is represented in several ways.Garfield sometimes necessary to score the goal certain number of goals, and sometimes it is just to hit the ball, which will guide young players across countries and continents.They will learn what animals and plants live in different areas of the world, looks like the area of ​​these territories, and learn to distinguish ethnicity by ethnic traits.Garfield games online stories prepared in the form of games quests.Garfield driving, you have to look for items, put them in a place, to be able to go further, to avoid the dangers and perform tasks in the form of embedded additional mini games - catch falling objects, play thimbles and find a delicious donut, to find all the pictures in a picture of Garfield and so on.Garfield games online rpg, offer a test for attention.Your focus should work with a vengeance, not only to dodge the nasty spiders, but to find all the items.Garfield often in difficult situations, but he is counting on your help.You'll have to deal with an attack of aliens escape from a burning hotel, go under fire himself and avoid all monsters in the abandoned castle.Online Games Garfield - it's a game of different subjects.You can train agility, catching mice, falling eggs, donuts or lasagna.Can develop memory in search of the same images and differences in pictures.Or, paint, and assemble puzzles with cute mushrooms, practicing in aesthetics, and learning to match the shape and color.Save the section "Garfield games" in bookmarks, and you will never part with crafty Garfield.

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