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Once JK Rowling came up with a fantastic story, which is embodied in a series of books about Harry Potter.Children and adults read to them, becoming fanatical fans of the writer.They look forward to the sequels and threw the letters of gratitude for the opportunity to dive into the world of fantasy and magic.From reading, it was impossible to break away from the book and my eyes drink in every printed word, following the development of the plot.Such literature is rare and naturally for studios is just a gift.By itself, the story is filled with so many manifestations of magic that create on its basis a product cinematic special effects looked quite reasonable solution.Directors, writers, producers and actors coped with the job just fine.Even those who have not read the book, Joan found her work in a series of films and also contracted an amazing fantasy writer, and many of the boys have to look out for in the sky white owl, which brought them to a secret message.Computer games - it's another powerful industry to create products designed to entertain and engage the audience.The emergence of game products based on the story of a magical book boy was predictable and now you can play the game Harry Potter, going from the stories in history.Of course, flash games can not convey the whole story line of the book, but they offer their own version of events, and it gives you the opportunity to see what is happening from a different angle.Moreover, now you are free to join and visit the magic lessons in school for young wizards.Able to play games online Harry Potter and pass the levels with the main character, you will learn some of the secrets, learn how to make potions, learn magic spells, understand the work with a magic wand and play Quidditch.Remember Professor Snape?In his classes do not get bored.To brew potions, learn horrifying ingredients in front of you.Learning the required number and the sequence of add, drop them into the pot.Nasty spiders, eyeballs, poisonous bugs, terrible teeth and claws will become the set of ingredients that needed to brew.Riding a broom, Harry will fly to the starry sky.But it is not just fun - you have to destroy all the bats that Harry Potter was able to arrive at their destination on time.In another game someone scattered jewels in the maze.Going through it, you must avoid the traps of magic and collect all the gems, where everyone brings their score.Harry Potter games online to play, so not only demonstrate their own magic spells and destroy enemies.Someone decided to destroy the friendship of three children, torn photo with their image and read over her spell.To build it again and destroy thereby curse, collect puzzle pieces of the mosaic.Harry did not escape, and plots with the transformation appearance.On the topic created a lot of games and you can choose any to pick up for the young wizard costume change his image with hair or mustache and beard.Here you do not have to save anyone, cast or flee.In these games, you can relax and enjoy fellowship with your favorite hero.Harry Potter games have created for you an atmosphere of mystery, magic and fantasy.They can perform logic tasks, train care, skill and speed.And you can enjoy the magic coloring or dress up, creating a new style for his idol.

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