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Golf - is the English game, which is considered an elite sport and recreation. It does not tolerate haste and bustle. Golfers quietly moved across the field and before hit ball in the stick, carefully are tried. To strike a possibly more effective, you need to consider many factors - the strength and direction of impact of the landscape and the presence of obstacles. To become a successful golfer, one always trained eye and the ability to control the situation. The game is played on a special field where there are man-made and naturally occurring obstacles - small lakes, hills and valleys, bridges, and other shrubs. The goal - to throw a ball into holes, marked the box, the fewest number of strokes a stick on it. Special chic is to send the ball into the hole with one stroke, but this is not always possible, even the most experienced and talented athletes. Golfing enjoyed much success with your business. Doing this business slowly make their move in the process of discussing important issues, contracts and find new useful contacts. But when it comes to professional sports, the golf gathers crowds of fans, and the game hold competitions with prizes and awards. For ardent fans of mini-golf options are available in boxes. They can be installed in a small space in the room and enjoy the things you love at any time. Variations of such mini-golf too much. Some are limited to one track, others offer complex transitions with levels. Quite often there are mini-golf course and shopping centers or places of entertainment, such as in parks. There's not uncommon to see parents with children who are happy to spend time on the improvised - artificial fields. They look like a vast area, but in a reduced form. They also have the bridges, hills, holes and distant from each other well. But there is another great opportunity to enjoy the game, even from the comfort of home - is flash game of golf. A computerized version of the fun is not less attractive, and in some cases even more interesting than the game live. In the virtual world to the golfer provides further opportunities, and the game can be a challenge or an adventure. If adult players prefer a more realistic option for fun, kids to enjoy playing in the fabulous golf. In computer games, you can choose as a controllable character cartoon character, and instead drive the ball in the hole hedgehogs, squirrels and gophers. Baby elephant instead of the stick will use its own trunk and it should be noted, is very successful. Flash games are easily converted into golf pirate saga, where instead of balls on the field will be a bomb, but as holes - the enemy ships. This type of course is more like a war, but this is even more compulsive and impressive. Play Golf Online is not averse to even the representatives of evil - zombies, vampires and werewolves. Only in their case, the game becomes more distinctive appearance and characteristics of the rules. Alternatively, you can play golf, even in the bar, which will circle the ball between the empty bottles so as not to hit them. All options are interesting and special. From the first level, which you will find easy, you will gradually move to the more complex. Obstacles will become greater, and the passage of time is less. Addicted to virtual golf, you will not feel like a novice on this field.

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