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Few would argue with the assertion that this race is the most popular genre in the computer games industry.Why they are so popular, and they play with great joy, both children and adults?The fact that it is the race include various elements of many categories of games.After the race - it's not just a game where you have to overtake other cars and reach the finish line first.In racing there is also the process of earning money to the money to repair your car, buy new parts for it, or even repaint the transport in a different color.We can change the look of your car, paint it in bright colors aggressive, or you can turn it into a classic model.Also, some games for boys online race related to the search of objects, where you will find your car important things, and to do it faster your competitors.If racing games online for boys shooting, where you not only chasing your competitors and strive to reach the finish line first, and shoot at them.Thus, the race may be associated with many other genres.But the main thing is that the free games for boys race give you an incredible feeling of roaring engines and the traffic on the dangerous roads.You must be able to move properly on the highway at top speed, so as not to run into obstacles.And, of course, you have to try to leave behind all their rivals.Maybe that's why these games are more popular with boys and men, though many girls also love to race, forgetting for a moment the dolls and dress up.Racing games for boys for free is very diverse, because you can chase and the desert, and the city at night, and on the road, and on the empty highway along the forest or sea.Racing genre has to offer luxury and racing cars, and race on Formula 1 race car and bike racing, and race on trucks and off-road race, and race bikes, and even racing on tractors!In this category of games you will find everything that your heart desires.There are more simple racing games for boys 3 years, where, for example, will have to race to the popular cartoon cars from the animated movie called "Cars."All the races you will have to show excellent coordination, reaction, be prepared for accidents, damage to the equipment, and only then you will succeed in exciting races!

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